Spring Cleaning!

The water is warming up and summer is just around the corner. May it be a summer of light wind, calm seas and great diving! Are you and your gear ready? Don’t stop with spring cleaning your house. If you have not been diving during the winter months and your dive gear has been sitting […]

2 Minutes To Change Your Life

This is not a magic pill or a get rich quick scheme. The next few minutes could change your life. First, take a moment to register your posture as you read this. Are you closed in with hunched shoulders or are you standing with your hands on your hips like Wonder Woman? Next, how do […]

Tropical Flower Meanings

Anthurium – symbolizes hospitality. It is also used to indicate happiness and abundance.   Bird of Paradise – symbolizes joyfulness and magnificence. It can also be used to indicate exciting and wonderful anticipation.   Bouganvillea It is the national flower of the Caribbean nation of Granada and the United States territory of Guam. Malaysians call […]

Do you take beautiful photos?

If you have beautiful photos of the Florida Keys please send them to us and we’ll post them here and on Facebook. Let’s share our little slice of paradise with the world! Photo: Kaylin Moser Dianne ScottAs editor of Island Jane and FishMonster Magazines it is my job to bring you the very best of […]

What! I ate that?

Carolyn Daly After a four hour flight from LaGuardia Airport to Miami en route to my island home in Cudjoe Key, I was starving.  The cholesterol sandwich I’d eaten earlier was all gone.  I thought I’d eat light for lunch. It was a choice between a bowl of fruit or yogurt with granola and strawberries. […]