We All See the Same Sunset….

On Facebook we post a lot of sunsets. It seems like most people really love a good sunset. No matter how many times we’ve seen them, we’re still in awe at the beauty. Both sunrises and sunsets are like promises. We get one every morning and every night whether it’s been a good day or bad. They’re something we can count on – they make us feel like everything is going to be all right because tomorrow is a new day.

This week a reader started to comment on how she wished she could’ve been there to see the sunset picture I posted and then said,

“Wait a minute, I got to see the same sunset, and it was beautiful here too!”

Her revelation was a beautiful piece of wisdom. There is beauty and opportunity right where we are. No need to wait for someday when we’re somewhere else in some other situation. It’s our choice to do the best we can, from where we are, right now.

Tonight as I watch the sunset, I’ll think of you and know you’re watching it too and we’re all in this journey together.

As editor of Island Jane and FishMonster Magazines it is my job to bring you the very best of the Florida Keys. I am an avid diver, I love to kayak and paddleboard and I even like to fish a little bit 🙂 I love living in the Florida Keys and I hope I can share some of that with you.