What to Do with this Hair!

Summertime is almost here and so is the rainy season. If there are clouds in the sky you can almost guarantee that the air is going to be so thick you could cut it with a knife. For most of us whose hair is affected by humidity, that spells disaster.

Depending on your hair type that’s either going to mean big frizzy hair or weighed down, limp hair – neither of which looks very stylish.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to help minimize the dastardly effects of humidity. The most important tip is to learn to work with the hair you have. If you have curly hair, try to find a style that works with your natural waves and forget the straightener. If on the other hand you have stick straight hair, expecting to be successful with a curly style on a humid day is probably not going to happen!


  • Start with a great haircut:Opt for a style that is long and slightly angled. Longer hair has more weight which will cut down on the curling and frizziness. Angled or even long layers will keep your style from looking too bulky.
  • Moisturize: Properly moisturizing your hair will help fight the frizzies. Try deep conditioning your hair twice a week. Apply the conditioner halfway down the length of your hair to the ends trying not to put it at the roots.
  • Don’t fight your curls: Relaxed wavy hair is beautiful in the summertime. Go with it and select an easy breezy hairstyle and put the flat iron away until fall.
  • Forego the blow dryer: Blow drying is a moisture zapper. You’re better off letting your hair air dry. Just scrunch with your fingers as it dries to help define your curls and go!
  • Style your hair with your fingers instead of a brush. Use your fingers to massage your hair at the roots, this will help keep the frizz to a low level.
  • For a natural wavy look, try this trick: Twist your hair and let it dry, then brush it out with your fingers using a little finishing cream for control.
  • Get your hair trimmed regularly. Your hair will look much more healthy if you get rid of those dry ends.
  • If all else fails: Put your hair in a ponytail. There are so many versions of pony tails, buns and braids that you can find one that makes you look sophisticated and chic, casual, sporty, you name it.


  • Start with a great haircut: Get a layered cut. This will give your hair some lift and add dimension.
  • Eliminate product buildup: Use a clarifying shampoo every couple of weeks to help rid your hair of residue left behind by shampoo, hair spray and other styling products. A vinegar rinse once will also get the job done.
  • Use a good quality volumizing shampoo to add some body.
  • Skip the conditioner if you can, it tends to weigh hair down. If you do use it, choose a light weight conditioner, try to use as little as possible or consider conditioning only once a week.
  • Try curlers – If you really insist that you must have some curl to your hair, try curlers. If you have the time, curlers give nice volume to your hair.
  • Blow dry your hair with a brush to lift sections starting at your scalp and follow the brush out to the ends. To keep the body in longer, use the cool setting on your blow dryer to cool each section as you finish it. Cool hair will hold a setting much easier than hot hair.
  • Air dry your hair: Let your hair dry on it’s own without the damaging heat of a blow dryer is good for it. Apply a volumizing product to the roots and then run your fingers through your hair from underneath as it drives to help give it some lift as it dries.