Who is Island Jane?

Who is Island Jane?Island Jane is not so much a person as she is a concept – an attitude.

Island Jane resides in all of us; all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities….. she is the best version of each of us. She cares for her family, she is a good friend, she believes she has a purpose and wants to make a difference in the world. Being healthy matters to her and living a healthy lifestyle is important. She seeks to increase her confidence in and around the water.

Island Jane Magazine has been created for just such a woman. A way to connect with each other. Women like you and me, just regular people who have stories to tell and information to share. Our goal is to help make relationships, create friendships and help you to build a lifestyle. When you read an article about a person or a service in Island Jane Magazine it will be accessible to you. The whole point is to bring all of you together. To collectively share our skills, knowledge and experience. We want to provide you with a positive resource in which to find information that is relevant, timely and important to your heart. We focus on supporting women, giving them the strength, courage, knowledge, information and connection to make their lives successful, empowered and beautiful.





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