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Dr. Angel Yanagihara
Dr. Angel Yanagihara
Island Jane of the Month
September 2014

An Update from the “Angel of Venom” Dr. Angel Yanagihara

Last time we spoke with biochemist, Dr. Angel Yanagihara she was in Key West working with the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) combat dive school in Key West. Over the past 10 years many trainees had been seriously stung by unknown stingers near Key West. Some of these cases were life threatening. They contracted her in 2012 to identify the exact cause of the sting and to come up with a treatment for their divers. Over the past year, she has conducted on-site, night-time fieldwork to capture and identify several box jellyfish that were in fact in their training areas.

The same spring of 2012 she was also contacted by Diana Nyad. Diana wanted advice and solutions to the jellyfish problem that was impeding her swim from Cuba to Key West  One reason Diana was failing to complete her swim was because of severe box jellyfish stings. As you now know, Diana completed her swim in 2013 under Angel’s watchful eye – and with Angel’s newly developed sting treatment and preventative that could be applied underwater. Read more of this story in an article from the December 2014 issue of Island Jane Magazine here.

So what’s new with the Angel of Venom, Dr. Angel Yanagihara?

I had the chance to visit with her recently when she came out on our boat for a night’s underwater survey work offshore to complete the last of her research  for the USSOCOM.

“I am most pleased to have been told by the special forces Dive Medical Officer that my new technologies have “completely met [our] needs”,  for the treatment of box jellyfish stings.” Angel says. Her patent pending Sting No More™ formulations are now being made in a topical spray and cream forms for these divers who routinely encounter both box and Man-o-War jellyfish.

Many jellyfish stings are known to lead to immediate burning pain and can result in itchy welts or scars. Box jellyfish stings can result in serious systemic responses, including death. Her research is a breakthrough in understanding box jellies and how to treat their stings.

The best part is her Sting No More™ spray and cream is now available to the public. It also works on fire ant bites. If you live in Florida, you know what a blessing this is! For more information on how to buy, email us at editor@islandjanemagazine.com.

As for Angel, this visit was the last of her work in Key West so next time we see her it will be for play. Her current projects include research in Puerto Rico, Saipan and Bonaire. They involve pelagic night scuba and free diving, as well as photographing and collecting pelagic invertebrates. When she’s not working out on the water as the world’s leading expert in jellyfish, Angel enjoys sailing, ocean swimming, scuba diving and underwater photography.

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