Haylee & Christian…

Come Set Sail with Us on Our Love Story

Vacationing in the Florida Keys a couple of years ago, I noticed how sailors were very different than most boaters I knew. Sailors are independent, helpful people. They go their own way, and have a sense of exploration about them. The sailing bug bit me, and I couldn’t wait to learn how to do it.  When I get something in my head I don’t let go, so I signed up for private lessons at a local boat club. Sailing really is fantastic!

After that intro, I knew I had to meet a sailor.  I had been dating online through Plenty of Fish for almost two years with nothing more to show for it than funny stories of bad dates. So, I refined my searches and boom…there was Christian! He worked as a captain for a luxury sailboat company, and he had cruised the Caribbean on his own boat. We chatted online, and he took particular interest in hearing about my sailing classes.

As soon as we met in person, I realized there was something very special about Christian. By our second date, I pretty much knew he was the one. A perfect gentleman, compassionate and understanding to all individuals and creatures great and small. He was patient, interesting, but certainly not a pushover or a doormat. He was the perfect combination of everything that’s right in a man.

We started sailing a lot together.  Christian says the sea reveals your weaknesses. Well she certainly was not showing me anything weak about him. I fell in love with him even more. We would sail together, I as crew and first mate along with other crew to move boats on long ocean passages. I watched him teaching new owners how to sail their boats. He was extremely confident and humble both at the same time, and handled very stressful situations with ease. I met person after person who just sang his praises. Even animals of all kinds seemed attracted to his gentle confidence.

Magically, as I fell in love with him, Christian fell in love with me. He said he admired my intense compassion for animals, and was amazed how I rode through the challenges of sailing offshore passages even while macho sailors sometimes fell apart.  Boats had largely become work for him, and somehow my enthusiasm rejuvenated his love for sailing.  It was only fitting that Christian would surprise me during one particularly gorgeous sunset with a little green box. We were on the deck of a beautiful Hylas sailboat anchored in Biscayne Bay following a promotional photo shoot.

He dropped to one knee and proposed! Little did we know that the photos shot on our day of engagement would be printed on SAIL Magazine’s June 2014 cover.

On January 3, 2015, with a glorious view of the Atlantic Ocean, we were married on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. We have plans to move aboard a sailboat in the near future and live happily ever after, spreading goodwill wherever we sail. Bon voyage!