What’s Your Word of the Year?

Karen Moore- Island Jane Magazine
Photo taken by Capt. Clint Moore on one of his reef & island excursions. www.captainclintmoore.com

Ringing in the New Year is a fun and joyous time of year, but it can come with strings attached. All too often we start the New Year with resolutions. We should do this. We shouldn’t do that. I want to do this or I don’t want to do that anymore.

May I suggest a different way to usher in your new year & new you wishes.

Each year I pick a “Word of the Year”.

Sometimes it is a feeling or emotion I want to run throughout the year. Other years it is a way of life. It is always positive. It is usually something I want more of in my life. I don’t make a list of do’s and don’ts. That gets too structured and if you are an unrealistic goal setter (like me) this can be a recipe for failure and we don’t want to do that. Picking a word is a happy way to start the year.

One word acts as a big overarching intention.

Last year my word was PLAY. I wanted more fun in my life. I know I live in paradise, but I am a solo-prenuer — a one-girl show with my company ZEN by Karen Moore. I was feeling burnt out and unbalanced. I needed to give myself a break from the go go go of being a business owner. So I just said I need more PLAY. As fate would have it, I randomly stumbled across a pillow at a local boutique that was crazy colors and said PLAY, so I bought it immediately and it went right into my little zen den space, the room I spend lots of my waking hours in. That pillow was a very vibrant physical reminder to me to get out and have fun – do less work. That year I was dedicated to this theme. I got more into my yoga practice, started running and doing more outdoor activities with my friends. I spent more time on the water and exploring with my husband. Play adds happiness and light-heartedness to life.

A few years back my word of the year was FLOW. Sounds like a strange word but to me it was all about seeing where the world took me. I worked on not pushing to get ahead, allowing myself to just be. I still worked hard of course, but I allowed myself to be open to what came my way. That year I did have lots of new beginnings and growth. My business flourished and I got to travel lots with and without my jewelry. It was a year of self-realization to live more freely. That perfect plan is never really that perfect — is it? If we are too structured many times we miss the best parts of life. Flow adds ease to life.

Ask a friend to join you in setting your ‘Word of the Year’.

Having a one word as a theme for the year offers a simple way to look at your positive intention or wish. I have a few friends that do this with me every year. We help each other by doing little monthly little check-ins. This is nothing formal, we keep it fun and light-hearted, sometimes just a phone call, but a check-in with others does help to keep us moving towards our happy place.

I love the word of the year intention because it is a simple reset trigger. When you have a meltdown or breakdown – you can come back to that year-based intention and realign your heart, mind and soul to get back to your goal word. Be Happy. Be Playful. Be Loving. Be Open. Go with the flow.

As I contemplate my word for 2017. I am flip-flopping between CALM and SHIFT. I know. I know. They are wildly different. Some years my word is so obvious there is no questioning or thinking. Other years, the process is not as easy — it’s ok to sit on it for a bit. This year I want to live a more simple life, be more content and have an overall calm energy around me. I have been focusing on not being stressed as I get to a deadline or as big projects come up, I also plan to move forward in a bigger way this year with my work. I feel a shift coming, something new perhaps or maybe something less. Truth be told I have no idea. What I do know for is shift feels like a word to remind me it is okay to change and move in new directions. In time, my word of the year will become very clear to me, maybe I need two words CALM SHIFT (just kidding)…

Happy 2017!

Use your Word of the Year as a simple reminder to live with focus on what you desire.

Happy New Year to You & Yours, Karen

Karen finds joy in spreading positive energy, inspiring others, teaching about natural health & healing, and sharing her island life experiences. She’s the owner and jewelry designer behind ZEN by Karen Moore.

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