Island Janes Unite! An Island Writer’s ROCKtreat in Puerto Rico


Sherri DeWolf-Island Jane Magazine

Just who is “Island Jane” and this community she represents? On more than one occasion, hanging down at the dock with the FishMonster fleet or delivering magazines up and back the Keys, I have been asked by an eager fan or follower, “Are you Island Jane?” This question always puts a mischievous grin on my face and a twinkle in my eye when I playfully reply, “We’re all Island Jane!” The person on the receiving end is not nearly as amused with my mysterious response (as though they are anxiously awaiting the reveal of the “Great Oz” behind the curtain), but, truth be told, Island Jane is not so much one person, as it is a lifestyle. And, above all, a space to “connect island women one fabulous woman at a time!”

At the beginning of June, I had the opportunity to connect with nine fabulous island women (and all at once, I might add!) when I was invited to be an attendee at “Women Who Live on Rocks” first island writer’s retreat in San Juan, Puerto Rico. #ROCKtreatPR was a magnificent meeting of beautiful hearts, creative minds, and fierce and inspirational women—a magical gathering and collaboration of true “Island Janes.”

Old San Juan, with its historical blue cobblestone streets and architecture, incredible food, endless activities, and entertaining nightlife, provided the perfect midpoint to bring these women, connected by their love for all things sea, sun, sand…and words, together. Ideas were shared, adventures abound, and an amazing new bond grew between 10 women who had only ever known one another from their online presence—all of us leaving with hearts full and new stories to add to our interconnected book of life. I was nothing short of inspired by these women and the brave choices they make every day in their “Island Jane” lifestyles. I’m beyond blessed to now call each one of these women “friend” and could not miss the opportunity to share these creative island souls with you here!

So, grab a cocktail, along with your iPad, and get comfy under a shady palm, while you dive deeper into the island happenings of these international “Island Janes”, that I know will be sure to inspire YOU too!

Sherri DeWolf- Island Jane MagazineChrissann Nickel
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Current Island: Virgin Gorda, BVI
My previous job: Hotel Sales
My current job: Creator, Writer, & Editor for Women Who Live on Rocks
My favorite island pastime: Boating around the BVI with my pup, Diego, and friends
My island super power: Connecting island girls near and far 

Sherri DeWolf- Island Jane MagazineLizzy Yana
Hometown: Bloomington, IL
Current Island: St. Thomas, USVI
My previous job: Sales
My current job: Momming
My favorite island pastime: Entertaining company
My island super power: Seeing the funny in the ugly 


Sherri DeWolf-Island Jane MagazineRiselle Celestina
Hometown: Curaçao
Current Island: Sint Maarten
My previous job: Event Planner and Radio News Anchor
My current job: Owner of a small travelers’ inn; travel and island lifestyle blogger
My favorite island pastime: the beach
My island super power: I can sip on a drink while floating in the water. 

Sherri DeWolf-Island Jane MagazineJen Morrow
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Current Island: Puerto Rico
My previous/current job: Director of Project Management Office (PMO) for Information Technology (IT) – self employed
My favorite island pasttime: Scuba diving, snorkeling and sailing
My island super power: Living, working, and thriving in Puerto Rico 


Sherri DeWolf-Island Jane MagazineLiz Wegerer
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Current Island: Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
My previous job: Lawyer
My current job: Writer
My favorite pasttime: Kiteboarding
My island super power: I can fly!(Ok…not really, but I can jump really high when I’m kiteboarding, and that feels like the same thing.) 

Sherri DeWolf-Island Jane MagazineClaudia Hanna
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Current Island: Cyprus
My previous job: Senior Financial Analyst
My Current Job: Mediterranean Lifestyle Coach
My favorite island pastime: Picking olives, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers and more from my garden – then eating them when they are still slightly warm from the sunshine.
My Island Super Power: Whipping up an extravagant meal from humble ingredients. 

Sherri DeWolf-Island Jane MagazineBrittany Meyers
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Current Island: Tortola, BVI
My previous job: Recruiting Manager
My current job: Owner of Aristocat Charters; wrangler of three little girls
My favorite island pastime: sailing to a nearby anchorage to explore, and relax for a few nights. I must admit that I also enjoy beach bars very much.
My island super power: Raising babies on a sailboat without losing my mind (I actually love it!) 

Sherri DeWolf-Island Jane MagazineMariah Moyle
Hometown: Snohomish, WA
Current Island: Nassau, Bahamas
My previous job: Island Administrator on Norman’s Cay, Exumas
My current job: Co-business owner of Out Island Life
My favorite island pastime: Kiteboarding, surfing, snorkeling, boating and taking my three island dogs to the beach
My island super power: Expert on Out Island living, travel and relocation 

Sherri DeWolf-Island Jane MagazineJennifer Legra
Hometown: Edison, NJ
Current Island: Dominican Republic
My previous job: English Teacher
My current job: Author of Drinking the Whole Bottle and Independent Consultant for Rodan&Fields.
My favorite island pasttime: Riding ATV’s
My island super power: finding humor and uncorking life in all situations. And of course, drinking whole bottles. 

Teacher, writer, and passionate creative mind, Sherri calls Southern Ontario home, but has a special soul connection with the island life and a great love for the Southernmost Point of the US--Key West, FL. Her love for the water started at an early age, splashing in Lake St. Clair--the "Heart of the Great Lakes" and international boundary between the US (MI) and Canada (ON). Being on, in, or by the water via the beach, dock or pleasure craft are favorite pastimes. She loves traveling, ocean life (including mermaids!), and, of course, her "Sweetwater Sea" in the North. Sherri enjoys inspiring others and sharing the happenings of a "Meandering Mermaid" from this small, but big-hearted, body of water as part of the Island Jane International Team.


  1. OMG Sher, I love you. Thank you for this. You and Ckaufia were tge first I met that faithful day at the San Juan airport. We shared a cab and became sisters before we met the rest of the group. How insane and deliciously awesome is that? Kee on writing. Kee on being your awesome self. Until we have the pleasure of meeting again.

    • Love you too, Ris!!! How excited were we??? Strangers connected by our love for writing and our rocks running to hug and great in the airport!! I’ll never forget it! Thank you for the encouraged my beautiful Island Queen! Until next time…always in my heart! xo

  2. Thanks so much for sharing our trip with your community! I’m so happy you were able to join the ROCKtreat and am honored to be called an “Island Jane” xo

    • Thank YOU for arranging #ROCKtreatPR and inviting me to be an attendee!!!…and for being a stellar roomie!!! See you next time Kappa Kappa Rock Sister! xo

  3. One of these talented women is a long time friend who I admire greatly. And terribly “fun.” If the rest of the group is as interesting and entertaining… I hope to be invited to the next gathering. Even possibly host the group. I am sure you all “rock.”

    • Thanks so much John! It was terribly fun indeed–with no shortage of those interesting and entertaining shenanigans! 😉 We are all anxiously awaiting the next gathering…but so many of us displaced from the hurricanes. We have found an abundance of support from one another even from afar and are all grateful for that.

    • It sure was! And little did we know how important this bond would be in supporting one another in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria. So grateful for the friendships made.


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