‘Tis the Season

Ahh, gift giving to women who boat. This can be tricky. These women usually don’t need a darn thing – and if asked, would probably say they would just love the gift of time (for themselves and from the gift giver).

If you feel you must give the female boater in your life something other than a handwritten love letter promising your undivided attention for one entire boat ride – then choose from this list – you can’t go wrong!

Elizabeth Jolin- Island Jane Magazine


If her “business suit” is a swimsuit, you can absolutely justify spending a little more on this wardrobe staple. These divine suits are meant to be worn! They protect from the sun, stay put under duress, and exude sophistication. Go online to find the Seea Swimsuit www.theseea. com Starting at $160.

Elizabeth Jolin- Island Jane Magazine


Easy – simple – gift worthy – and inexpensive! This cute decal should be placed on the Yeti tumbler you put in her stocking. Island Girl, Florida Keys Momma sells on Etsy, offering a wide selection stating everything from elegance to salty sass! Starting at $10. Riva Motorsports in Key Largo will gladly sell you the tumbler! Starting at $25.

Elizabeth Jolin- Island Jane Magazine


Wear these tiny charms in, on, and under the water for days on end. Tiny enough so they won’t get in the way, dangle, or shine too much, but sweet enough to decorate a Florida Keys gal! Artist Bronwen Lodato is her own outdoorswoman and captures the essence of nature in her charms. Find them locally at Back Country Cowboy in Islamorada. www.backcountrycowboy.com. Starting at $45.

Elizabeth Jolin- Island Jane Magazine


Lightweight and nearly effortless, the Fortress aluminum anchor will bring joy to the world! And joy to whomever is sent forward to haul up this anchor! Key Largo West Marine has a great selection of these life savers. www. westmarine.com Anchors start at $99.

Elizabeth Jolin- Island Jane Magazine


Islamorada Mercantile handcrafts delicious time pieces out of weathered wood. Each unique style will keep track of the joyful minutes of her day. Find them at Islamorada Mercantile, mm 81.5 in Islamorada. Styles start at $200.

Elizabeth Jolin- Island Jane Magazine


With a gift certificate for a kite surfing lesson, she will have no excuse but to make the time to try her hand at this alluring sport! Kitesurfing calls to almost every nautical woman’s soul by it’s very nature! The pros at Otherside Board Sports virtually guarantee success with their patience and expert instruction. Find them at www.othersideboardsports.com in Islamorada. Lessons start at $350.

Captain Elizabeth Jolin owns She’s at Sea, a Boat Handling Course for Women. She has been chartering and teaching women to boat in Islamorada for the past 20 years. Contact her at shesatsea@gmail.com to comment, ask boating questions or to suggest article topics. She would love to hear from you.

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