Spring Cleaning Your Life

Karen Moore- Island Jane Magazine
Finding Balance…Tree Pose    photo taken by Capt. Clint Moore in the backcountry of the Lower Florida Keys. www.captainclintmoore.com

As the springtime moves in, the days are filled with more vibrant life. The cardinals, blackbirds and woodpeckers make their presence known with their distinct sounds and& wake-up calls. Fresh colors and new buds appear on plants and trees around us. We take in the new air with a childlike giddiness, love, excitement and a fresh perspective for new things to come.

It is a great time to do some “spring-cleaning” or, shall we say, how about a little “soul gardening”– on the inside and & out!

On the Inside…

“Pull Your Weeds. Plant Your Seeds.” 

This quote was passed to me from my friend, Kristen, a few years back. I must have been complaining about too much to do, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do first. She was quite firm in her recommendation to do a little personal gardening. She reminded me that you have to pull the weeds from within so you have room for your seeds to grow. This clicked with me and I love to revisit the idea.

It makes great sense, how can we grow and flourish if we, personally, are filled with things that just don’t serve us? So, internally, pull those weeds. Get rid of the negative talk,  – stop doing the same thing over and over because you think that’s what you have to do and  – make room for what serves you. On the other side, set your intentions for the new that you want to bring in. Manifesting something, or “planting seeds”, can be a very simple and powerful way to subconsciously get the ball rolling.

For me, I want to grow my jewelry business outside of the Keys this year. This specifically means I need to stop putting all of my energy into doing every art market or show that I can. Pulling back from doing the same thing month after month is a must. Starting now, I am going to take that time and focus on building a new website, a beautiful on-line shop and expanding my wholesale network. It is scary to stop doing what is comfortable and profitable, but I am planting the seed for change and growth!

Karen Moore- Island Jane Magazine
“Taking Root…the resilient mangroves show us that anything is possible”

On the Outside…

Spring reminds us to get outside, embrace the fresh air and start something new. For me gardening seems to be a big theme at the moment.

I know gardening is work, but there is something that feels meditative about it – it always calls to me. You see, my father was an amazing gardener, so I feel like it’s in my genes. My dad would come home nightly after work and head out to the garden to do his tending; weed what needed to go, feed the plants that needed nourishment and water just enough so they’d be satisfied.  I always admired this ritual he had. 

So, I’m making a commitment to work on my herb garden this season. I really believe I have a green thumb. Although, knowing your limitations is a good thing and I don’t want to overcommit. I’ll be saving the veggie garden for another time, heehee.

There is something about fresh herbs from your garden that make cooking and eating more special. Not to mention, fresh can make your flavor go from average to gourmet.

My gardening project will be a constant reminder to work on my internal garden as well– “pull your weeds and & plant your seeds”.  And, I’m not too proud to say it, but I may need assistance. Conditions in the Keys can be a little challenging.  Our yards are not filled with rich soil and we have some very hungry yard guests (iguanas and & key deer) that love to eat everything in sight. So, maybe I will start with a modest container garden upstairs on my porch.

Good luck on all of your new spring endeavors and, as we move through the season of change, I leave you with this to ponder…

“Not all my seeds will sprout immediately, but planting the seeds today will ensure a bountiful garden in the future.” … Angela Jai Kim

In Health & Happiness,


Karen finds joy in spreading positive energy, inspiring others, teaching about natural health & healing, and sharing her island life experiences. She’s the owner and jewelry designer behind ZEN by Karen Moore.


  1. Wonderful article – may your new intentions for both your business and garden prosper. You are a Master Mainifestor <3

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