by Tina Robinson

She ducked down behind the bushes. Had they seen her? Probably not but with all the emotions running through Jane all she could feel was Rage. After all this was their spot. All of the nights lying on the beach in each other’s arms. Dreaming of the future longing for those moments of when their Love was so Fierce and New. As she watched from behind the Driftwood she saw Jake brush the hair back from the mystery girl’s face. The warm Breeze swept over her. Jane’s past came flooding back. The long walks on this very Beach arm in arm with Jake. The time they painted the horizon the beautiful colors teal, aqua and white caps that soon faded to pink, orange and mauve’s as the sun set. The long passion filled kiss that led to the most intense love making of her life, just inside the fort. She closed her eyes and let the memory carry her away. The warm air that turned cool then brought a shower of rain that night. Oh, how they had ran to escape the rain to save their painting from ruins. Laughing as they tripped into the fort. He held her, he was her safe harbor. So much passion, longing and love that had built up in flamed them that night. It was a Love that would always reach deep into her soul. They had held each other right where she was standing, she recalled holding on the driftwood when he placed his lips gently on her hand and kissed it softly. They watched as a ship sailed by, he was imagining what the lives of the people onboard must be like and all she could think was they can’t compare with the happiness she was feeling just being with him. He really understood her. He touched every fiber of her being with Love and passion. Why was he here with this girl? Who was she? Were they a couple? Were they married? So many questions ran through her mind. It had been so many years. Would he remember her? Would he feel the same? Her rage turned to Anger. Why hadn’t she written him back? Why had she not let him know that she forgave him? Was there still hope? Could they ever experience the Love they once felt?

This place, it was truly Heaven. It always calmed her. She had never felt a Peace within like she did standing by the water’s edge, feeling the soft sand under her feet. Staring out over the Beautiful Crystal water. It Inspired her. She decided she would go back to the room, pack and fly far away. She couldn’t handle seeing him, like this. With one last inhale of the beauty of this place and tears in her eyes she turned and walked away. God help me get through this she thought.

She made it back to the trail when she heard his voice… “Jane” She turned around as he hugged her.

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