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Mona Monkey
Mona Monkey

Do you remember when you were young and couldn’t wait for summer?  That giddy feeling when you flipped the calendar, the one with all the cute furry puppies or the “bunny” of the month, from March to April?  When the air filled with the fragrant smells of little blades of grass and tiny flowers peaking through the last vestiges of the melting snow?  When you could see the buds in the trees getting ready to burst open and spread their tiny seeds?  When you would wake to the glorious sound of the birds singing their sweet songs, as you looked out your window to see them spread their wings, soar high into the sky and hang in the breeze warmed by the golden sun?  There was a certain energy hanging in the air, filling you with a desire to move, to change something, to make a difference; well that, my friends, is spring fever and I believe that I have it.

Man Climbing Orange Tree
Man Climbing Orange Tree

You may be thinking, “How could someone that lives on a boat chasing the sun get spring fever?” Well, we have been in the same place for a while now, and I feel the urge to move. The need to change something. The strong desire to continue on our journey and get back out to sea.  I am a vagabond, a pirate, a drifter, and I am getting “itchy feet”. I am ready, once again, to throw caution to the wind, point the bow of the boat west and head towards Panama, with a stop in the San Blas islands on our way.

Of course we have lots to do before we can continue on this journey.  The list of boat projects continues to grow.  While I have been working full time Monday through Friday from the salon of our boat trying to replenish the cruising kitty, Jon has been laboring away marking things off the project list.  It seems every time we mark an item complete, we add another two.  We call this the “Boat Waltz”, one step forward, two steps back.  It isn’t always work and no play, we have been having a bit of fun.

Last Tuesday morning during the Grenada Cruisers Net (note, I have added Net Controller to my resume during our stay here in Grenada) when I asked if there were any new arrivals, a boat called Sweet Beam, from Marblehead, MA answered back.  “Well”, I said, “we are from Marblehead too. We will have to chat after the net is over”.  After the net I called Sweet Beam, “Shawna, do you know who this is?” asked the voice on the other end of the VHF.  “No?”, I replied, feeling ashamed that I didn’t know, and trying hard to picture the face that should be attached to that voice. “It’s Christie and Jan!”, came the reply, “OMG!” was all I could say.  It was a couple of our friends that we have sailed with, raced with, members of our yacht club, close friends of our close friends…  What a treat!

That night we had cocktails aboard Sweet Beam, catching up on all the happenings from our home town from long ago.  The weekend with our friends was amazing. On Friday night, dinner at our favorite restaurant, the Little Dipper. We enjoyed a mouthwatering West Indies version of stewed Lambi. Saturday we did the Hash together.  They were “hash virgins” and were initiated properly (by being sprayed with Carib, the local beer) after they finished the challenging hike up the mountains, across the rivers and through the thorny woods.  They had a chance to partake in the oil down, which is considered the national dish of Grenada (the locals layer a large black pot with different parts of a pig – think pig snout, ears, tail, some of the good parts too, they include chicken, lots of local vegetables such as breadfruit and plantains, add herbs and dumplings, cover the top with callalloo leaves and oil and put it over a hot fire for hours), it was delicious.   Sunday we spent the early afternoon on Beausoleil, with a bottle of champagne, a wonderful lunch of pate`, ripe fresh tomatoes, basil just picked from the garden, curry chicken salad, many different cheeses, salami and warm french bread hot from the bakery. We sat in the sun and cooled down with a swim in the clear blue water.  The afternoon turned into evening as we played on the beach on Hog Island sipping rum drinks at Roger’s Beach Bar while listening to a local band.  It was truly perfect.

As we watched them sail out of the harbor heading for their next exciting destination, I felt it immediately.  It came over me in waves.  We have to do something, go somewhere, make some changes, it’s time!  The only way my spring fever can be cured is to weigh anchor, raise the sails and continue on to pursue our dreams…

Shawna, a former Key West resident lived aboard S/V Beausoleil, a 1979 Formosa 51 Ketch, with her husband Jon until December 2011 when they set sail to begin “living their dream” of circumnavigating the globe. She wrote to us each month with stories of their journey. She currently resides in North Carolina, awaiting the next adventure.

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