Life of an Entrepreneur-ess

Karen Moore- Island Jane Magazine
Photo taken by Capt. Clint Moore on one of our mid-day getaways.

Ok. Ok. I bet you are thinking it’s all palm trees, sand bars and coconut drinks…Truth be told, entrepreneur life is a real roller coaster ride.

In the up moments, I feel like the universe is leading me on a magic carpet ride — everything just flows; opportunity and results are plentiful. It is easy. Then the dark appears; I’m either struggling to find time to get it all done, or there isn’t much to get done. It’s the down months that make me question, “Is this right?”, “Shouldn’t being self-employed be easier (especially on an island)?”

Life wasn’t always like this for me…I used to be a corporate girl. Perhaps it was easier? I had a schedule, a fat paycheck, and I knew what I had to do each day because I had a boss that told me what to do.

This month, I celebrate my 6th year anniversary from leaving my corporate job. It took all of my heart and soul to get up the courage to break away from the stability and to do my own thing. Each year at this time I do a little reflection. I look at how far I have come — I feel very successful, I’m happy and I’m excited for the new that I get to create. Sadly, at the same time, I also sit in judgment wondering why I am not bigger, why my website is not fancier, why I do not have more Facebook and Instagram followers, etc., etc., etc.

Life now is 100% up to me…

Working for yourself allows infinite freedom and, at the same time, that freedom can feel like a double-edged sword. I am pretty sure the positive outweighs the negative though. I don’t have a schedule (yeah), I don’t have a steady paycheck (boo), I am my own boss (yeah) and many days I struggle with focusing on what to do (boo) because I want to do it all (yeah).

Being in control of all aspects of life is scary and exciting all at the same time. It’s a good thing that courage and tenacity are two of my personal strengths. I am constantly working on being real and making sure I am doing things that are aligned with my mission to share positive work with the world.

I look back and feel very grateful for the chances I took and for the hard work that I am willing to put in going forward. I see the new on the horizon and that keeps me going.

Here’s to The Future! 

I know that my life as an entrepreneur is one that will evolve and grow and I love that. I am very grateful for the freedom in my life. I can travel and work anywhere. If I want to go to yoga at 9am, I do. If I want to help a friend mid-day, I will. If I want to take an unplanned afternoon off to go boating with my hubby, I can. I find not having things perfectly planned, has really opened me up to embracing a more free-spirited life (which hasn’t always been easy).

How does island life fit into this? My environment is very laid back and that helps remind me to embrace the present moment. Most importantly the ocean and our islands center me; they brings all things into perspective. In nature, I get great ideas. On the water, I find clarity, not to mention, I return sun-kissed and filled with such joy.

Island life and being an entrepreneur-ess isn’t always easy but when it’s good, it’s as good as it gets!

Karen finds joy in spreading positive energy, inspiring others, teaching about natural health & healing, and sharing her island life experiences. She’s the owner and jewelry designer behind ZEN by Karen Moore.

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