It’s All About the Energy….Part 2: Reiki, A Healing Energy We All Possess

Island Jane Magazine-Nov/Dec 2016

Humans and animals both radiate warmth and energy. Every being has a life-force running through it. Reiki, which is pronounced “ray- key”, translates from Japanese to English as “universal (rei) life-force energy (ki)”, and it runs through us all. This life-force energy is used both in self-healing and the healing of others. The Japanese are credited with creating the practice of Reiki in the early twentieth century, but it is akin to the age old practice of “a laying on of hands”.

The practice of Reiki focuses on the seven primary energy centers of the body known as “chakras”. The energy from these chakras can be balanced by placing hands close to the body thereby stimulating a natural healing response. A typical Reiki session is conducted by a practitioner who is certified in Level I, Level II or Master Level Reiki. A Master Level practitioner is certified to teach Reiki and highly skilled at performing the technique. Reiki is experienced fully clothed without touching the physical body, therefore it is painless, safe and non-intrusive. Reiki has no known side-effects or contraindications, though it is neither a substitute for medical treatment, nor a cure for disease. Conversely, Reiki serves to compliment the medical recovery process by providing safe, supportive stress reduction and pain relief. It stimulates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system which amplifies the body’s ability to heal itself.

In part one of this series we discussed energy healing and how it is enhanced by using crystal therapy; utilizing the energy of various gemstones. When Reiki and crystal therapy are combined, the opportunities for self-discovery and self-healing are boundless. Below are a few examples of combining the two and enhancing your self-healing session:

Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016Quartz (clear) – One of the most powerful stones for transmitting information and for healing, which renders it perfect to enhance a Reiki session. Clear quartz is unique in that it can be programmed to receive and transmit energy, which makes it effective for both receiving and sending energy during the session. As a healing tool it can be used to balance the seven chakras and stimulate the overall healing frequency of the entire body. Clear quartz also amplifies spiritual energy which enables you to connect with your higher self and spirit guides to facilitate healing.

Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016Carnelian – This deep-red gemstone is often color-coordinated with the first or “root” chakra, which is represented by the color red. The root chakra is the foundation of our being and represents stability, or lack thereof, in every area of our lives. Because carnelian is the stone of courage and the life-force that provides the courage to make sound life choices, it is a great choice to use during Reiki. Carnelian enhances willpower, confidence and self-esteem which foster stability in our lives. When the focus of the Reiki session is to promote physical self-healing, carnelian can be used to stimulate the metabolism and aid tissue regeneration.

Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016Amethyst and Amethyst river quartz – Used to promote calm, peaceful energy. Both of these stones are purple in color and often associated with the “third eye” chakra represented by the same color. Amethyst is also paired with the third-eye chakra because it strengthens intuition and provides clarity, which are the characteristics of this particular chakra. The self-healing properties of amethyst include strengthening the immune system, cleansing the respiratory system and reducing insomnia and stress.

Reiki is only one energy healing practice that can be enhanced by the use of gemstones, but it is a comprehensive one involving stress reduction, promotion of overall balance and optimization of the body’s natural healing process. Not to mention a quick but comprehensive technique for emotional, physical and spiritual self-healing.

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