It’s All About the Energy: Part 1 Crystal Clear

Energy consumption is a huge part of our daily lives. Those who believe in “green” methods of energy usage turn to alternative forms of energy, and energy-saving appliances. Those of us who are holistic harness the natural energy which our bodies exude, and use it to practice energy healing. Energy healing simply means making use of our body’s natural energy field to facilitate balance and enhance our innate healing abilities. Crystal therapy which utilizes the inherent energy of various crystals and gemstones is often an integral part of energy healing. This is a two-part series exploring energy healing methods and crystal therapy. The following is a brief list of crystals and gemstones frequently regarded as tools of the trade:

Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016Amethyst – embodies calm, peaceful energy and strength. When used in meditation amethyst calms the mind, strengthens intuition and provides clarity. Amethyst river quartz is used to look into the future. These particular stones are cut flat on one side, forming a window to view a beautiful lavender translucent center. The outside of the stone is frosted white, which is formed when the stones are naturally tumbled and washed by the surging river below the mountain they fell from. When used in healing amethyst reduces stress and insomnia, reduces swelling and bruising, cleanses the respiratory system and strengthens the immune system.

Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016 Tourmaline – provides a protective force against electromagnetic radiation and the impact of negative energy. It reduces tension and stress, while promoting courage, stability, patience and wisdom. For healing purposes black tourmaline aids the spinal column, kidneys, colon, legs and adrenal glands. It also strengthens the immune system, fights insomnia and provides pain relief.

Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016Carnelian
– possesses a joyful and warm energy which connects the inner self to the heart. This lovely deep-red gemstone stimulates creativity while restoring motivation and vitality. Carnelian is the stone of courage and life-force which provides the courage to make sound life choices. It is great for enhancing concentration and willpower, and to instill confidence in oneself. When used to heal it aids tissue regeneration, stimulates the metabolism, and improves blood circulation.

Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016Citrine – known as the abundance stone, attracts prosperity, but also an abundance of happiness, hope, warmth and courage. Citrine enhances self-esteem and self-expression. It is a powerful tool for cleansing, awakening and revitalizing the body, mind and spirit. It’s also used to balance hormones during menstruation and menopause to combat fatigue. In a healing capacity citrine detoxifies, aids the heart and digestive organs, reduces infection and helps tissue regeneration.

Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016Pyrite
– best known for warding off negative energy including physical danger. It promotes overall good health, strengthens the will and creates a positive mindset. When used to heal it enhances brain functioning, reduces anxiety, improves circulation and aids digestion.


Island Jane Magazine-Sept/Oct 2016Quartz (clear) – Undoubtedly one of the most powerful and widely used stones for cleansing, clarity, healing, and transmitting information. It facilitates a connection to your higher self and your spirit guides. Clear quartz is extremely energizing and amplifies physical, mental and spiritual energy. Clear quartz is unique in that it can be programmed to receive and transmit energy, which makes it effective for receiving and sending guidance. As a healing tool it balances the aura completely, and
stimulates the body to operate at its highest healing frequency.

Part two of this series will demonstrate how some of these gemstones are used to enhance a specific energy healing practice. You don’t have to be “holistic” to utilize crystal therapy and energy healing in your daily life. The easiest way to start is to choose a few stones which have the energetic properties that interest you. Hold them in your hands while you meditate on a brighter future, place them on an area of your body that you want to energize, or place a large stone in an area of your home/office to cleanse and balance the overall energy. As you incorporate crystal therapy and energy healing in your life the natural healing energy you possess will become crystal clear.

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