Work-out Tips for the Real Woman

15959745_mI absolutely hate workout wear. I hate neon. I hate tank tops. I hate capri pants. I hate sports teams. I hate dumb slogans. And the only way I am wearing something that advertises a name brand across the chest is if someone is paying me.  As such, this month’s column has been somewhat of a challenge for me.

However, as always,  I have my own “rules” for workout attire. And as usual, they are somewhat unconventional. Regardless, the point is you must do whatever it takes to get you out and moving around so for me, it is a follows:

First, I only wear gray and black to work out. Yes, I know it is not reflective and this could pose a safety  issue. However, I don’t like drawing attention to myself when I am in perspire mode and, as afore mentioned, I hate neon. Moreover, black/grey is universally slimming. Every single item I own in the work out wear category is either grey or black. That’s it. It makes life easy. It makes shopping for workout wear easy. It allows me to get what I need so I can spend more time in the shoe isle.

Secondly, I only wear tank tops with inappropriate workout themes. Whereas everyone else at the gym is wearing a “Just Do It” tank top, I am wearing a “More Whiskey” tank top. Or if everyone is wearing their dri-fit advertising their last marathon/triathlon, I am sporting my “Good Morning Vodka” shirt. There is something very liberating about wearing a shirt reflecting vice to exercise. I feel as if it explains a lot about why I am there and how I got there in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I love working out. I can’t sleep unless I work out. However, I am fully allowed to have a bad attitude while doing so, and this attitude is reflected in my absolute refusal to wear traditional workout wear.  Dare to be different!!! Put on your Miller High Life t-shirt the next time you take a run and you will see exactly what I mean.



 I am no expert on working out, but that seems to be on everyone’s mind right now.

After the holidays I will definitely start working out. I will get up early and ride my bike, I’ll walk throughout my lunch hour, and I will make time for Zumba, Pilates, … fill in the blank _____ after my already busy day at work…… sound familiar?

I think the point is we all want to MOVE more in an effort to renew our faith in ourselves that we can keep our promised resolutions.

So now that we agree on that, nothing says commitment like dressing for the part. I have drawers full of work out wear, and tennis outfits like I own stock in NIKE apparel. I will admit if I’m going to take the time to get up early and interact with my fellow over achievers I like to look like I made an effort.

With that said here’s some tips to get you started –

1. Begin with a supportive sports bra. I like the ones made by Adidas but there are tons of different styles and colors to choose from, just make sure to get one. They make you look confident even when you don’t feel confident.

2. It has been mentioned in previous articles that I Do Not wear shorts, however I will wear the cute Capri’s and crop pants made for work outs. Make sure you have at least one pair in black. (sometimes they have matching tops!!!) Otherwise add your favorite T-shirt, preferably made with a moisture wicking material.

3. Invest in a pair of Cross Trainers that make your feet feel like you are walking on clouds. I like my Sketchers, but I hear Ryka’s are great too. Try on as many pairs as necessary. When your feet feel good you’ll push yourself a little further.

Whether you like to lift weights, run, walk, take a class, or hang out in the gym you’re READY ………….. now go out there and MOVE!




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