The Styles of Amber & Michelle

This month, Amber and Michelle tackle defining each other’s style, the catch: neither one is allowed to edit out what the other may say…good or bad…let the games begin!!!


Untitled-1Amber’s Style

In my opinion, Amber is the epitome of feminine. Bows, rickrack, detailing, and classic embellishments (read: no bedazzling) are her signature….and everything, down to the last detail….(and I mean last detail) is coordinated. However, her feminine style has two sides…there is the  “Modern Dress Amber” in which she wears a lot of interested silhouettes, lots of black, and embraces anything with leather detailing. Then there is the “Florida Keys Amber” in which she wears a Lilly better than any Palm Beach socialite and is more tropical than Ms. Turk herself…But Amber has rules that govern all dressing….and does she ever have rules…

  • Amber rule number one- Never, under any circumstances will Amber wear shorts.
  • Amber rule number two- Only under very limited circumstances will Amber wear pants.
  • Amber rule number three- All dresses, skirts, skorts, must be above the knee. You will never, ever see Amber in a long…anything.
  • Amber rule four- See: rule three- that is because Amber has a shoe…collection. In her “collection” there is something for everyone and probably enough to share with  everyone. Amber has LOTS of shoes and to her, shoes are a center part of every outfit. It is impossible to say what shoes that she loves but I can definitely tell you what she does not like: super high heels (she thinks they are tacky). She gets all her height (when necessary) from wedges.
  • Amber rule five- purse must coordinate with shoes. I find this absolutely crazy but Amber changes purses DAILY. Literally. Every day she has a different purse. She hates that I carry the same one every day. She is one of those people who coordinates shoes/purse/jewelry/outfit.   All day everyday. I have NEVER seen her falter.
  • Amber rule six: Jewelry is an accessory and as such will be switched out, changed and chosen every day depending on the outfit. No one, repeat no one accessorizes like Amber. Bangles, rings, necklaces…the works. I don’t think I have ever seen her in the same thing twice. If she buys an outfit, she buys the jewelry right there on the spot to match…in her mind, there is no outfit without the accessories.


A-M-no-floorMichelle’s Style

Michelle is a lover of all things ORANGE, I love orange too, however I do not pair it with green camouflage accents. This is not a mean comment, she pulls this look off better than any deer hunter I know. ( Love you!! )

In all seriousness, Michelle’s look is very classic. She is a fan of a tailored pant or pencil skirt paired with a blouse. She may then layer a structured jacket, or a loose knit sweater to complete the look.

Accessories start with pointy toe shoes, and I mean only a pointy toe shoe. This elongates her legs and makes her look extremely polished. I especially like her jewelry because it is so pure and authentic Michelle. Her earrings are always statement pieces , mostly chandelier style. For her wrists she again remains classic with a Tiffany cuff, and her vintage Rolex ( just purchased by her adoring husband).

She tends to lend towards a tote for a handbag, mostly made out of some type of fabric. This adds a unique flavor to her outfit. Plus you never know what she might pull out of there.

Whether you lean towards the classics, or you consider yourself bohemian, it’s important to identify your look before you start to shop. Once you identify your look go through your closet to see what might freshen up your existing pieces. I just bought a new black dress. It’s a basic, purchased for every day wear. I plan to add a new pair of leopard print heels  to create a little drama. Still a classic look with a twist. Who knows maybe I’ll add a red cardigan, soooo Amber Shaffer of me!

I’m constantly harping to Michelle  about the price per wear items we both purchase. Sales are wonderful but tend to make us all buy things that we weren’t shopping for. ( Lilly Clearance Sale , case in point) Use your best judgment but  stay away from things that don’t quite fit right now. They are bound to end up in the very back of your closet or in a pile to be altered, now where was the savings in that?

Amber & Michelle address what to wear, when to wear it, and how to wear it; highlight island bargains; and showcase the occasional splurge.