High Vibes Shift to Joy

Karen Moore- Island Jane Magazine
“Flying High’ Capt. Clint Moore, www.captainclintmoore.com

As the months pass on by I find myself each month contemplating what is the overarching energy or vibe of the world I live in. For those of you reading or watching from afar, I suppose it can seem that our world here in The Keys is so very different than yours or of people in other parts of the country or world, but the truth is it are more alike than different.

Here in The Keys we have the most refreshing breezes blowing around us, cooler temperatures and the humidity on most days is obsolete. Finally, we can open the doors and windows and let that fresh air in. We feel so liberated when we can do that – the air conditioning lockdown is over. YIPPEE!

The energy that swirls around us as the winter air blows is euphoric. I know that is a bit intense but so true. Something so simple and basic fills us with pure happiness.

For those of you in wintery climates — as a Buffalo, NY native, I can speak from experience — I’m certain there are plenty of you out there that are equally excited about getting outdoors and enjoying winters’ beauty. Shimmery crystal snowflakes, outdoor sports like skiing, sledding, ice skating and playing in the snow with your children, not to mention, the fireplaces crackling with the scent of fresh cut wood.

You can almost feel a new level of energy being ushered in knowing the holidays are right around the corner. Some of this can be stressful, just thinking about the busyness and all the events that will fast approach, but the true essence is one of happiness and joy.

What is joy exactly?

… the true essence of the heart.

… the purest form of happiness.

… that feeling of bliss.

The holidays are a time that reminds us to cultivate more of the good stuff — be grateful, be positive, be kind and share more love — this cultivates joy in the world.

When we are in the flow of goodness you will feel joy everywhere, from your family & friends, the nature surrounding you, the quiet calm moments alone and yes, even the crazy moments.

Take time to remember what brings you joy this season. If you feel overwhelmed, confused or just need a break, go back to a simple breath and breathe in a little of the good stuff that brings you joy!

Happy Holidays, Karen

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Karen finds joy in spreading positive energy, inspiring others, teaching about natural health & healing, and sharing her island life experiences. She’s the owner and jewelry designer behind ZEN by Karen Moore.

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