Going with the Flow

Part 3: I am a Runner Journey

Let Life Show You the Way

Like anyone with a new goal or project, I had some pretty lofty expectations of where I would be at this point on my journey with running and being part of a Ragnar Relay team.

I had this master plan of how over the four to five months I would ease into training and build strength in my body to support my running pain free, I’d work with my teammates to raise money for athletes of the Special Olympics here in Monroe County, and we’d run our race and it would be a life changing experience.

There is still hope for all of this, but there have been a few speed bumps on the ‘road to Ragnar’ journey.

I’ve learned that I just can’t plan it all.

A bump in the road…Most interesting is the county has denied the necessary permits for the February 2016 event to take place in The Keys. So in November, my team and I attended a county commission meeting to speak out in support of the race. I had never done that before, but it felt great to get up and voice my opinion regarding the kind of healthy tourism we want here in our community. Sadly, they still denied it due to traffic and safety concerns in The Lower Keys.

My personal bump in the road has been my knee being angry with me. This fall while all my teammates were out working on their mileage, running 5Ks and half marathons, I was busy doing old school isometric workouts, resistance band work and walking to build strength to support my running. There is nothing wrong with these activities, for me it was more the disappointment that I couldn’t be a participant in all the fun events. Can you believe I was actually sad to be a sideline cheerleader this time? Amazing how we can change in a few short months.

Going with the Flow

The moral of this story is one must be flexible and roll with the changes.

My journey has pushed me to places I didn’t plan to go, like speaking out at a county commission meeting and learning the inner working of my leg muscles. I realized that these setbacks or uncertainties are not bad but are actually life lessons. Being flexible and adapting is part of it.

Currently, I am back to a fairly comfortable 3-mile run. Accordingly to my ‘plan’ I should’ve been well on my way to mile #6 at this point, but I am super grateful for what I can do. Happy dance!

Do I know where the next two months will take me?
I suppose I have to say no I don’t.

Do I have a have a plan?
Yes, it is called now called ‘Go with the Flow’. I am continuing to train for my goal of a successful 8-mile run and my team has made all our race arrangements for February.And I am looking at the unknown as exciting… letting life show me the way.

Lessons from the I am a Runner Journey : Stretching
For me personally, my new workouts include a ten-minute dynamic stretching routine. It is an active way to stretch that involves lots of movement and breathing to allow the body to really mobilize and activate the muscle tissue. It has helped my body get ready and recover from a workout. There is a good article and video series on the mercola.com website – if you are interested in learning more about this, you can search it with this title “The Importance of Stretching Your Hamstrings, IT Band, and Ankles”.

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