Do You Lead A Magical Life?

Dolly Garlo- Island Jane Magazine

Most of us privileged to live in the Florida Keys think life is different here in our island chain paradise. We laugh that “we are all here because we’re not all there” which is true on so many levels… one of which is because we made choices that got us here and keep us here.

It may be the access to beautiful water – “this is what water is supposed to look like,” I always say …
or the weather, the relaxed lifestyle, the neighbor-helping-neighbor nature of the place, or the relative lack of concrete and asphalt.

It always surprises, startles me really, to meet people who grumble; who aren’t supremely grateful every day they get to live here. I often wonder whether they are regularly partaking of the advantages and opportunities of being here. Whether they practice keeping their personal cups half full – or would anywhere else – because that attitude takes practice, not just latitude.

We all have days when the turkeys get us down, when equipment fails (whether or not Mercury is in retrograde), when others having a bad day seems like an attempt to add to whatever burdens we may carry.

Maintaining the magic in your life is the antidote to all that.

So, I thought I’d list a few characteristics that develop when you maintain a magical attitude about life – to help us all remember that it’s worth the effort to stay focused on what we value, on what works and inspires us. Call me Pollyanna – I won’t be offended because I know maintaining this focus is good for my health, too.

I refer to these magical qualities as the “invisibles.”  Because, like not being able to see the wind when sailing, you can see evidence of its presence, and harness it to your advantage. Once you know these “forces” exist, you’ll start to experience them more and more often.

Spontaneity – you find yourself more relaxed and willing to go with the flow more often, and are pleasantly surprised how things work out better than you could have imagined.

Synchronicity – You often find a convergence of perfect energy in the people, places, and purposes that inhabit your life

Flow – you find that your life events and activities spill over into one another with ease and in harmony, rather than struggling to push them along

Wonderment – you regularly have a sense of awe about the world around you with greater childlike innocence

Contentment – you spend most of your time in the present and have a significant reserve of peace and serenity

Mysteries – you find yourself open and available to adventures and exploration of things you don’t know, wonder about and newly discover

Faith – you find that your belief in what matters to you, including yourself and your spirit, is regularly enhanced, and there is always something more beyond your current level of reality
Perception – you find that you have a deeper awareness of new ideas, and that you trust your sense of intuition more and more

Growth – you find yourself on a continuing upward path, not coming full circle, but an upward spiral where former problems may show up with a different twist and you more effectively deal with them and keep moving onward

Serendipity – you marvel that there are no accidents or ‘mere coincidences’ because fortunate events you once thought occurred by chance or by ‘good luck’ happen with regularity

I’m sure there are many more, but I’ve noticed that people who practice incorporating these “invisibles” into their lives live with more grace and ease.  They seem naturally fearless and invincible, yet are very approachable and vulnerable. They are strong feelers, loving and empathetic, as well as, whimsical, joyful and playful.

I aspire to more of all that … do you?

If so, I encourage you to help me practice! Then, we all can hold the space for greater peace, continuously move forward together in this place we love, and make sure more of this magic spills over into the rest of the world.

Dolly Garlo is a Florida Keys woman with a passion for the environment and a mission to make the world a better place. Trusted advisor to conscious entrepreneurs and professionals in business, her focus is on improving productivity and profitability through strategic marketing for greater visibility, mastering wealth and managing financial independence, career transition and exit-planning, lifestyle and personal legacy design to make meaningful contributions to the people, places and things you care most about. Founder and President of Thrive!!