Desire for Space: My Summertime Project

Karen Moore- Island Jane Magazine
“Just Be…Here & Now” Photo taken by Capt. Clint Moore off The Lower Florida Keys- www.captainclintmoore.c

Anyone out there have a craving for more space in your life? It is summer and right about now, I am feeling the urge for space. I don’t mean more square footage in my home or a bigger closet. I am craving more space in my day. More blank space on my to do list, more space in my brain, more space in the sense of time and more space in my heart to dream and feel more present.

I am tired of feeling like I am going from one thought or task to the next. Many days I run from appointment to appointment with just barely five minutes to spare in between. I am running on fumes – crazy enough it feels like instinct. Not sure if that is a good thing or I am just too busy to do anything different. Sadly, I continue to pile on the to-dos and say yes to it all until I reach burnout.

Busy Bee… 

Many people say I have the energy of a hummingbird or a busy little honeybee – I’ve always taken it as a compliment. Lately, I can’t stop wondering… Why are my days so packed? Why are my lists so long? 

For 15 years I was a corporate girl on a work-work-work mission; I suppose I am programed to go-go-go, do-do-do and say yes-yes-yes.

Perhaps, I feel important when I have a full to-do list and a day packed with business and friend appointments. Perhaps, I am so used to being like this, I will always be this way. My husband seems to think it is partially my nature. I wonder if there is a DNA test for that? He says, I am like a car in neutral with my foot on the gas. In my most stressed moments, he loves to tell me “…throttle it back, Karen”. I giggle at this now as I can see the truth in his words.

Whatever the reason, I can finally admit that I have been living with the sense that being busy was a good thing. I just felt like that was my normal. Well…I am over it!

I am sick of saying – I am so busy. Life is so busy. Oh, there is too much to do. Wish there were more hours in the day. Filling my days to the max does not yield better results and a happier Karen.

Space Seeker… 

I want something different and I have to do something about it. Who remembers my New Year’s article “Word of the Year”? Well my word for 2017 is SHIFT. Ha… go figure. Six months into the year and I am really being pushed to do just that.

I am so grateful it is summertime – we are supposed to slow down, relax, and do less work. I think it is actually expected, right?

In my contemplation out on the boat last weekend, I realized something very interesting…my “freestyle entrepreneur” life has taken me away from a few core habits that I was pretty big on back in my structured corporate life.

Even after 60 hours of working during the week, I made time to daydream and read on the weekends. I wrote in my journal at night to let go of all my annoyances and frustrations from the day. I cooked great meals. I had more house parties. I think I had more time for my friends and family too. I have lost some of my self-care routines and I am definitely feeling it. I am making the commitment to CREATE SPACE in my life.

Karen Moore- Island Jane Magazine
“An Ocean Reminder…Nothing but Space”

Project Summer Shift 

So here’s to a new project —

“My Summer Shift”.

GOAL: Not being busy all the time. I will have space in my day and in my mind. I will feel lightness in my being.

Eeek… it may not be natural for me but I am willing to try.

Research says that you can actually rewire your brain for more positive behaviors. Well I am hoping to do just that – more morning meditations (even if for 5 minutes), more nature walks and bike rides, more time to read, and most importantly more time to sit and just BE.

I will use my island surroundings as a physical reminder of my goal. The ocean will be my guiding inspiration — talk about space, openness, and nothing in its way.

This will be a process. I might need an accountability partner or ten! Any takers?

Please join me…how do you create space in your lives? Share your ideas, tips and tricks with all of us here online at the ‘Living in ZEN’ blog on

Enjoy your Summer Space…In Health & Happiness, Karen

Karen finds joy in spreading positive energy, inspiring others, teaching about natural health & healing, and sharing her island life experiences. She’s the owner and jewelry designer behind ZEN by Karen Moore.


  1. I like to weave pockets of space into my day with simple 5-minute ‘me time’ breaks. Some of the things I do during the 5 minutes of intentional self-care: stretch, deep breathe, aromatherapy, make a nourishing snack.

    I created a pretty PDF to keep on my desk, so that I can easily choose an activity without having to waste any time thinking of ideas for what to do or planning it out.

    I am happy to share & hope it helps you, Karen, and your readers!

  2. I can so relate to this! Where does the time go?
    I do cloud meditations. Take time to look up at the sky and just watch the clouds move along in the vast open space.

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