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Donna Spencer- Island Jane MagazineStumped about what to give during this gift-giving season? Wondering about what to give to the man (woman, child, or beast) who has everything? If you’ve run out of ideas simply go back to the basics and think WELLNESS. It never gets old or outdated and you don’t have to worry about the correct size. Below are a few suggestions for gift certificates and gifts to promote a well mind, body and spirit:

Far Infrared Sauna Session – Infrared is a natural source of heat. It’s the equivalent of sitting in the sun but without the harmful UV rays. Saunas with far infrared heat encompass the benefits of infrared and near infrared saunas therefore, they are great for detoxifying the body, relieving pain in the joints, and even minimizing wrinkles.

Reiki – Give the body a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual charge by balancing its seven primary energy centers. Is there anyone on your list who is recovering from an illness? Reiki complements the medical recovery process by providing safe, supportive stress reduction and pain relief.

Psychic or Mediumship Reading – a heartfelt gift for the person desiring to connect with a departed loved one, or seeking guidance from the Spirit realm.

Coaching – great for the person who feels “stuck”. A wellness coaching session helps you put action behind your goals for healthy behavior change. Perfect for jumpstarting New Year resolutions.

Massage – Touch is at the center of our well-being. As humans we require it to thrive. Regardless of the type of massage you choose (therapeutic, aromatherapy or relaxation) it will be an experience of wellness. Paired with any of the above or alone massage is the premier stress reduction and energy boosting treatment.

APOTHECARY Gifts: Intriguing “Medicinal” Gifts from the Wellness Boutique.

  • Chakra Kits – a fun way to introduce beginners to Reiki. The kit contains gemstones to enhance your self-healing experience. Instructional charts are included.
  •  Crystals & Gemstones – pretty and practical gifts to be used in crystal therapy, Reiki, or wrapped as pendulums and jewelry.
  • Custom-Blended Organic Oils and Creams – help someone to battle aches and pains, improve a skin condition, or simply uplift their mood.
  • Natural and Organic Treats for the Face & Body – give a gift box or create the organic basket of your choice, filled with naturally safe products.
  • Natural Dog Grooming Products – when you think Wellness don’t forget about the pooches. Help reduce the “carbon paw-print” by surprising a dog lover with an all-natural grooming gift package.
  • Tasty Selection of Herbal Teas – packaged in biodegradable sachets, recyclable steel tins and glass jars.

If you’re still undecided about what gift to give just remember this: the perfect gift for anyone is one that makes them feel good, and in turn, one that is good for them. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Find ALL of the above and MORE at Angelic Moon Holistic Day Spa/APOTHECARY on Cudjoe Key. (305)745-9979

This information is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

Donna is the owner of Angelic Moon Holistic Day Spa/APOTHECARY on Cudjoe Key. Angelic Moon is the only green-certified Holistic day spa in the Florida Keys. It is also home to “APOTHECARY: Herbs, Oils, Tinctures and More...” Angelic Moon has been coined “A Haven for Healing”. In other words this is the place where YOUR individual physical and spiritual Wellness is the focus, and where custom-blended treatments and products reflect that. Angelic Moon Holistic Day Spa/APOTHECARY Mile Marker 23 – Spanish Main Drive Call (305)745-9979

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