Part 4: I am a Runner Journey

Out with The Old in with The New

For months I had been looking forward to the Ragnar relay race, which would have taken place in early February. Unfortunately, the county cancelled the race.

This came as a big disappointment after being so intent on training. I was motivated to workout multiple times a week, to keep a healthy routine and, most of all, to be a source of inspiration for other non-runners out there. After coming to terms that the race wasn’t going to happen, I suddenly found myself in a workout funk. And truthfully, I stopped running altogether. Finishing this race was supposed to be a monumental accomplishment–something I got to check off of my bucket list. Can you say…discouraged?

Meanwhile, my fellow teammates continued on with their running and training. They continued to successfully motivate themselves, and each other, all the while improving and having fun doing it.

Well, didn’t someone somewhere say, “When the going gets tough – the tough get going?” It was time for something new.

A new outlook always helps
While the Ragnar race would have held me accountable, I know better than to let a small setback derail my course. Once again, I find inspiration from my friends and others who continue to stay with it, even if just to be active and healthy.

It was time to get back at it!
I decided to REFOCUS and join my friends in a new race that they were taking part in — the “Keys 100” relay race in May. I felt a renewed sense of motivation inside me.

The “Keys 100” is similar to the Ragnar race. It is a relay event that will start in Key Largo and continue all the way down the island chain to Higgs Beach in Key West. We will have two teams of six women. Each team will have a van and will run a total of 100 miles!

Change your routine – It’s a good thing
Since shifting my energy and efforts onto a new race, I changed my routine. Adding new activities and more structure to my weekly training has helped me stay focused and optimistic about my new challenge.

I now take a Pilates class every Monday evening with a different group of friends than my running buddies. The practice of Pilates is particularly good for getting the mind and body connected. The newness of this exercise, and group energy, keeps me coming back week after week. I recommend making a commitment to a group style class for at least one month. I also bought a package of classes that expire, another bit of accountability that works well for keeping me honest. I also coordinated an outdoor yoga class once a week with my girlfriends and a local yoga instructor. Yoga is something I love and there is nothing more revitalizing than some personal time outside. I find Mother Nature’s sights and sounds revitalizing and you never know what she is going to share with you on any given day. Not to mention, yoga is a great crosstraining activity to help balance you out.

Change can be a good thing in all aspects of life. It keeps things interesting, pushing us to explore and grow. As we embark on the spring season, the shifts in the environment
around us will start and this is a perfect opportunity to switch things up. For me, the small changes in my routine and a new race to look forward to has renewed my energy and got me back on the commitment train! I can’t wait to see where this part of my journey as a runner leads me. Stay tuned…

Interested in the Keys 100 race?
Check out, join me and hundreds of other runners here in The Keys on May 21st. This is a great time of year to visit.

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Karen finds joy in spreading positive energy, inspiring others, teaching about natural health & healing, and sharing her island life experiences. She’s the owner and jewelry designer behind ZEN by Karen Moore.

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