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In just a few weeks, we will usher in the Spring Equinox. Cultures all over the globe celebrate its arrival with various rituals to mark the occasion. Here in the U.S.A., another ritual performed during this time is known as “Spring Cleaning”. It’s that time of year when the house, garage, and/or the entire property receive a thorough “deep” cleaning. Businesses are not exempt from this ritual, as neglected paper bins and hidden boxes are emptied and trash bins are filled. There’s something about the season of Spring that calls for cleansing and clearing…on many levels.

After the last window has been washed and the walkway has been hosed down, I turn my attention from physical cleaning to the cleansing of energy. Just as I utilize cleaning agents, a mop and a vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris, I “clean” the house of all negative vibes; unwelcome energy that does not serve me. Just as I clear away items which are no longer useful, and physical clutter that has managed to pile up and become unnoticeable, I discard unwanted feelings, emotions and attachments that lack positivity. My spring cleaning consists of evaluating items one by one to decide whether I definitely want to keep them, whether they deserve my attention to make them salvageable, or whether they will go out with the trash. I take personal inventory as well; honestly looking at my professional and personal behavior to determine what stays and what needs to go. When my house is physically cleaned I feel uplifted. Cleansing the energy in my surroundings and within myself amplifies that feeling to a level of joy.

In your bucket of cleaning products, which might contain bleach, pine, citrus & “Mrs. Myers”, you might want to add a few “spiritual” cleaning supplies listed below. Each one can be burned as incense, but with a specific intention/purpose:

»    Frankincense – used for over 5000 years to clear away negative energy. Oops,   did I just date myself?!
»    Palo Santo – use this to purify and rid a space of problems and trouble. It’s considered as “holy wood”, used by the Incas to get rid of evil spirits.
»    Sweet Grass – use this to bring forth good energy; the “sweetness” of life. I love  using  this at the end of my cultural ceremonies and celebrations.
»    White Sage – used to clear and replace negative energy with a sense of peace and well-being.

After cleaning up all the stuff that brings you down, you can’t help but feel good. It’s all about feeling good and being well, so clean! After all, cleanliness is next to wellness – physically and spiritually.

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