Breathing Life Into Life

Dolly Garlo- Island Jane Magazine

May is the month of mothers.  It may also be when school graduations occur around the country, but none of that would happen without mothers.  And mothering goes well beyond children and getting through multiple school years.

Pardon my lingo here, but mothering is the “mother” of all creative acts. Every human is creative, if not consciously so, and bearing and raising children are certainly not the limit of women’s creative acts. There is plenty of that creative energy that is expressed prior to and long after that time of life. Using it is how women “breathe life into life” throughout their lifetimes, and it takes many forms.  Children serve as a tangible example of how it works in all areas.

Like having a baby, anything you choose to create, starts with a mindset and conscious decision about what you choose to take on. That choice colors all your interactions and outcomes. Your attitude and actions, the means by which you touch our world, are among the few things you truly have much control over.  And from them, many great things can be born.

There may be people and organizations, ideas, movements, principles and activities that you really care about and want to be involved with, want connected with your name and efforts, or that you want to advance in and for the benefit of the world.  Those involvements may give you ideas for where your particular interests and skills are the most beneficial, and what else you may like to build that doesn’t exist yet or needs support or solves a particularly vexing problem.

It is that creative energy you possess that allows you to turn the idealistic into realistic:  to take a great idea and make it happen … to literally make something from nothing. Simply put, that is the process of creation, whether it’s a child and family, work of art, business, software program, book, or an organization that lives on apart from you and beyond your lifetime.

Look at all you’ve created in life to date.  If you take time to take stock you may find that much of it is truly, and maybe heroically – even if quietly – amazing! Some of what you’ve done may not be so great, but all experiences are valuable for what we learn from them.  As a result, you may have some great insight or pieces of wisdom to share. Pondering that allows you to further consider what you want to create next – for yourself and the world – now, and going forward.

What you’ve created thus far in life is a meaningful something to you – and you can build on that. Even if you are skeptical that you have what it takes to build some great enduring benefit that makes an impact, just start by asking and answering questions like “what really great thing would I like to see exist in the world?” or “what is important to me that I’d like to see happening more often?”  Don’t worry too much about how you might bring that to fruition. Having a meaningful vision is where it all starts – the steps will follow.

Your answers may be simple or elaborate.  Brainstorm about it – anything goes in that process, you can edit later. Just jot down the ideas (and ideals) that come to you, so you capture the information that would otherwise just ramble nebulously around in your head. Writing it down can be the first step of actual creation, since you’ll be giving “mass” to the energy of your ideas.

  • What irrepressible desires will you uncover?
  • What do you see is necessary, compelling, beautiful, that would make a real positive difference?
  • What can you love into being?
  • Whatever it is can also bring great things back to you, allowing you to become even more of a ‘mother of invention,’ creating even more truly great things.
  • “Me?” you might ask. Yes, YOU.  Why not you?
Dolly Garlo is a Florida Keys woman with a passion for the environment and a mission to make the world a better place. Trusted advisor to conscious entrepreneurs and professionals in business, her focus is on improving productivity and profitability through strategic marketing for greater visibility, mastering wealth and managing financial independence, career transition and exit-planning, lifestyle and personal legacy design to make meaningful contributions to the people, places and things you care most about. Founder and President of Thrive!!