Gear Tips

Ease and comfort are what to look for when purchasing dive gear. The buoyancy control device, regulator set up, mask, fins and snorkel are your primary pieces of equipment. However, there is much more to it than that.   When you walk into a dive shop it may seem that you are in a sea […]

To Dive or not to Dive?

Ever made it to the dive site only to discover you forgot an essential gear item? Perhaps have a hose or inflator bite the dust? That right there can eliminate your dive in a heartbeat. Factors such as gear being left behind or malfunctions should not be the only considerations determining whether you dive or […]

Going Pro

You hear a wide variety of responses from children when they are asked the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Normally, you receive responses such as firefighter, nurse, doctor, lawyer, astronaut, president…. etc. What one doesn’t typically hear as a response is “scuba instructor”. Not everyone has the luxury of […]

Dive Certification Paradigm

There are many types of people that make up the world of scuba diving. Some simply stumble across diving at one point or another in their lifetime while others are fascinated with the under water world from an early age. Dive agencies realize the diversity in the sport and offer a wide variety of certifications. […]

Beyond Sixty Feet

Be it an artificial reef, a true wreck or a mid reef there are many points of interest resting on the ocean floor. Many happen to be located in depths greater than the 60ft cut off for entry-level open water divers. For most, diving deep is considered to be around 100 ft. Those certified as […]

It’s More Than Just Blowing Bubbles

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I wrote an article for our February issue discussing courses available in the dive industry for CPR/AED training. This article gained attention, as many were not aware of courses offered in dive medicine. Dive education is not just about blowing bubbles. There is a good amount of physics and […]