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Saving Squirt the Sea Turtle

It is getting to be that time of year again when baby sea turtles are hatching here in the Florida Keys.  The late summer and early fall months are when most of the sea turtles in our area are born.  Most of the nests are loggerhead and green turtles, which are by far the most […]

Hooking Your Targeted Species

Often times, when it comes to catching different species of fish, there are different lures, baits, lines, and even types of rods and reels, as well as combinations of these, for each variety of fish.  It is important to know what these are for your target species and to put the right combination of them […]

A Tarpon Ate it…

One of the most common ways to catch a fish is with a shiny object that is usually made of metal.  When used for fishing purposes they are called spoons, and are typically a metal lure with a hook attached to them.  (Side note: when fishing for women they are called diamonds.)  The shiny metal […]

Tails of a Fisherwife: Blue Marlin Honeymoon?

by Susanna Pope When a person gets married, they usually know they are signing up for–a lot of compromising. When a person marries a fisherman (or fisherwoman) they are signing up for a lot of compromise, and a lot of fishing! I knew that when I married Jerry. One thing right off the dock would […]