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Paradise Found (Within)

Who says you can’t take it with you when you go? Staying in the present moment. This is no easy task when it comes to navigating our course. Sometimes we are so immersed in what we’re doing that the time passes so quickly we wonder where it even went, but, more often than not, we […]

Angels Among Us : My undercover Travel Guides

Have you ever met an angel in your everyday life? My eyes and heart are always open to the little miracles that present themselves even on the simplest of days, but the messengers that “show up” when I’m traveling never cease to amaze me. Some people may like to refer to chance meetings as coincidence, […]

Traveling SOULo: The Magic of Key West

Nearly six years ago, a boyfriend and I took, what would become for me, the road trip of a lifetime. Sixteen hundred miles to escape the chill of Southern Ontario on Christmas Break to the furthest point South we could travel, in order to guarantee the warmth.  Nearly six years ago, I fell in love […]