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Grenada- Spice Mas Carnival

We were jolted from a deep sleep by the pounding of the music coming from the street at 4:30 in the morning. We quickly dressed and headed in the direction of the music to participate in the J’Ouvert (aka Jab Jab) Parade. Hundreds of people danced in the streets smeared in used motor oil and […]


Can you imagine being on the wrong side of a volcanic island when the active volcano erupts and the molten hot, glowing red lava begins to flow? We stopped in the French Caribbean Island of Martinique for several weeks. Our first anchorage was the beautiful city of St Pierre. In the distance behind the black […]


I Think We Found the Garden of Eden As we wind our way high up the volcanic peaks into the rain forest, fresh ripe fruit is dripping from the trees. Our local guide, Seacat, makes sure we get a taste of everything – grapefruit with a green skin, bright orange papaya, red and green mangoes, […]