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Turtle Love

All along the Florida coastline this time of year, female turtles are coming ashore to lay their eggs. The official turtle nesting season runs from March to October in Florida, but the peak months are in the summer when the water really warms up. While on several trips this past month we have seen numerous […]

The Green Flash

Have you ever seen the green flash? Not many people have, but thousands of people seek out the opportunity to try and witness it every night around the world. It is something so sudden but yet so perfect when witnessed. The right conditions don’t come around everyday, but when they do, the Florida Keys is […]

Easter Eggs & Hatchlings

Spring has definitely arrived and the sounds of baby birds are everywhere now. Over the last two months, the ospreys, great egrets and many other birds have been flocking down to the mangroves of the Florida Bay to begin their courting and nesting process. We have been watching and waiting for the babies to come […]

Cassiopeia, The Upside Down Jellyfish

Here in the Florida Keys we have many kinds of jellyfish. Most will sting if you come in contact with them, but there is one certain kind of jellyfish that doesn’t have a huge potency but is very abundant in the shallows. This is the upside down jellyfish, properly known as a Cassiopeia. These gelatinous […]

The Shrimp Run

One of the most popular appetizers on the menu in a Florida Keys restaurant is shrimp cocktail. They are delicious to eat and even more fun to catch. In the fishing world most people think of shrimp as bait, not the prized catch, but here in the Florida Keys the winter months allow fishermen to […]

The East Coast Railway

The weather has begun to cool and the holidays have come and gone. Here in Islamorada the peak of season has just begun. The month of January marks an important month in the history and growth of the Florida Keys. This historical event is the extension east coast railway through the chain of Islands built […]