Adopt a Local Angels

The days leading up to Hurricane Irma were filled with news reports from the media tracking the path of the storm and reminding us that it was coming fast and it was going to be big. You couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing about this mega storm. There was even talk that we might […]

Is it safe to eat island sashimi (raw tuna)?

by Chef Jorge Sanchez, MBA Sushi is a popular dining experience. Sushi is a Japanese term which refers to the little oval pillows of seasoned rice under a strip of raw fish. The raw fish without the rice is called sashimi, with perhaps the most popular sashimi being tuna. Species of tuna vary, some varieties […]

The Drifter

We asked readers to write a short story about this photo taken on the south beach of Garden Key in the Dry Tortugas. That is Fort Jefferson that you can see in the background. The only requirement was that it be 500 words or less. We were amazed at the creativity, the variety of subject […]

Once Upon a Beach

by Judy Via-Wolff Franklin was beach fishing. I’d been lost all morning in my canvas and paints. When I paint I lose all track of time. I become mesmerized in my work capturing the light and colors around me. The waters of the Keys draw my soul. That was after all why we took the […]

My Perfect Storm in the Keys

by Pat Walsh The Keys; famous for its beaches, tropical flair and sport fishing Just the mere thought brings visions of palm trees, balmy breezes and fish that you can mount on a wall. With the warm waters of the Gulf Stream just a few miles offshore, fishing in the Keys is just a boat […]

Fort Jefferson

by Michael Simpson Fort Jefferson sits perfectly aged as if still manned protecting the shores of its inhabitants and beyond. In the forefront a Sea Turtle nest sits ready for its hatchlings to make their entrance into the sea. This Island outpost serves now as a testament to its visitors of the human determination long […]