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A Sunset in Balance

Nothing like a little sunset paddle in the backcountry waters of The Keys to make your day feel complete. I always feel there is a story to each sunset.  I am certain we each have our own version of the story on any given night. That is what makes a sunset so special, it is […]


Part 4: I am a Runner Journey Out with The Old in with The New For months I had been looking forward to the Ragnar relay race, which would have taken place in early February. Unfortunately, the county cancelled the race. This came as a big disappointment after being so intent on training. I was […]

Going with the Flow

Part 3: I am a Runner Journey Let Life Show You the Way Like anyone with a new goal or project, I had some pretty lofty expectations of where I would be at this point on my journey with running and being part of a Ragnar Relay team. I had this master plan of how […]

Finding the Courage Within

Part 2: I am a Runner Journey Accepting a Physical Challenge This one is the one that makes my heart pound and sends a few fear goose bumps down my spine. I get scared thinking, what if I am running at night? Not to mention, I am not sure I can even run that far. […]

Saying Yes, Facing Fear

Part 1: I am a Runner Journey My whole life I have said, ”I am not a runner.” Where do the negative thoughts, feelings and words come from? I can’t. I don’t. No, not me. I suppose it may be the result of some fear, an excuse to not have to work hard, or maybe […]

Karen Moore – May 2013

Every so often you meet someone who stands out in the crowd. A person who just seems to glow from the inside out. Someone who is not only inspiring but makes it a point to inspire others. This month I’d like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine who is just that – […]