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Desire for Space: My Summertime Project

Anyone out there have a craving for more space in your life? It is summer and right about now, I am feeling the urge for space. I don’t mean more square footage in my home or a bigger closet. I am craving more space in my day. More blank space on my to do list, […]

Stepping Forward…My New Badge

I love this time of year. I mean really LOVE. The love runs deep for many reasons — the weather and overall happy energy makes me feel good. The waters have warmed enough for us locals to actually swim, fishing is all great on both sides of the island, the busy tourist and art show […]

Life of an Entrepreneur-ess

Ok. Ok. I bet you are thinking it’s all palm trees, sand bars and coconut drinks…Truth be told, entrepreneur life is a real roller coaster ride. In the up moments, I feel like the universe is leading me on a magic carpet ride — everything just flows; opportunity and results are plentiful. It is easy. […]

Spring Cleaning Your Life

As the springtime moves in, the days are filled with more vibrant life. The cardinals, blackbirds and woodpeckers make their presence known with their distinct sounds and& wake-up calls. Fresh colors and new buds appear on plants and trees around us. We take in the new air with a childlike giddiness, love, excitement and a […]

What’s Your Word of the Year?

Ringing in the New Year is a fun and joyous time of year, but it can come with strings attached. All too often we start the New Year with resolutions. We should do this. We shouldn’t do that. I want to do this or I don’t want to do that anymore. May I suggest a […]

High Vibes Shift to Joy

As the months pass on by I find myself each month contemplating what is the overarching energy or vibe of the world I live in. For those of you reading or watching from afar, I suppose it can seem that our world here in The Keys is so very different than yours or of people […]