Thank You for Listening

Hi. Thank u for listening to our stories. On April 12th 2013, my companion of 8 years was in a horrendous accident in the rain in the northeast. Our dog of 11 years was ejected and killed. My man that I invested my life with was in a coma and amputated by the time I […]

The End

By Tanya Murphy I watched as the all too familiar craft slowly began its journey.  As the morning sun’s rays hit the water, the single passenger aboard raised his hand to shield his eyes.  Those eyes.  Deep in the irises, the same shade of the blue green as this majestic sea he traveled upon, lay […]

A Gentle Breeze from an Open Window

 By Kathleen M. Wolf   ( Kat Wolf ) day dreaming and I’m thinking of you! The gentle breeze from the open window of my cabin allowed the seagulls screech of evening song to drift in as the steam of the large pot on “my” stove drifted out. I looked around me feeling secure. I had […]

Water Is Your Destiny

By  Captain Lance W. Pratt Standing in total darkness, save our “Electric Miner Headlamps”, we each wear. Bundled like Eskimos, against the deep Glacier Park, Montana Winter of 1962. Seemed a shivering eternity before our STAR erased the night. Abruptly lighting the surface of this Glacier, we are going to ski down, again. So brilliant, […]

A Lovers Serenade

By Patricia Walsh As soon as we stepped out of the Key West Airport, we felt the warm air hit our faces.  Having just arrived in the Key West to escape nature’s cruel New York winter, my friend and I were anxious to get settled at our hotel.  Once settled we grabbed our gear and […]


By Bridget Smith This was no ordinary day in the BVI’s. As soon as we jumped out of the dinghy on the island of Anegada, we strolled to rent a vehicle for the day.  Our vehicle turned out to be an old pickup truck with two long benches in the back.  We meandered around the […]