It is the Right Thing to Do

by Jennifer Johnson It is the right thing to do.  I keep repeating it over and over to myself as the waves lap against the boat. The sound is soothing and heart-breaking at the same time.  The sound takes me back to happier times, sweet memories, but then that feeling returns and my eyes burn […]

One If By Sea

By Rachel Heffner Standing alone at the bow of the ship, I close my eyes as the wind whips all around me, I can barely catch my breath. Not just because the wind that is rushing my face, but because the turbulent last year of my life. My skin is covered with the mist of […]

Peace is at Hand

By Bruce Ellison As the amber rain splashed down on the turquoise serenity, i imagined no better nook on this blue marble in the cosmos where anyone would want or need to be but right here. At this moment , there is no one else, there are no cities,no noise. At this moment there is […]

Bucket List

By Saundra Fletcher  Everyone said I wouldn’t do it.   The number one “to do ” on my bucket list for years.  Oh girl, its too late, your too old now.   Hmmmm, they were all so wrong… After the cruise to Hawaii a few years ago I thought they might be right, seasick is not my […]

The Adventurers

By Glenda Manus The setting sun is casting golden ripples upon the ocean as we make our way out of the Lockwood Folly channel of the inter-coastal waterway. There’s a light breeze and the salty sea air settles on our wire-rimmed glasses causing the wide horizon to appear hazy. It is only twenty-two miles along […]

Sunrise Decisions

By Cindy Muir Laurel blinked with bleary eyes at the golden ball that was in the process of rising our of the water. It has been a night of uneasy rest, both physically and emotionally. The small berth on the boat was claustrophobic, if one chose to think about the low ceiling and walls that […]