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Aromatherapy 101- Part 2: Seek and Ye Shall Find

By Donna Spencer In the first part of this series we covered aromatherapy in terms of what it is, how it’s derived and why it is used. Here in part two we’ll discuss when aromatherapy is used. If you are questioning how to incorporate aromatherapy in your life a good place to start is at […]

Aromatherapy 101- Part 1

By Donna Spencer Fragrant bath salts, scented candles, perfumed oils, and aromatic herbs all come to mind when “aromatherapy” is mentioned. Although these items are largely included they don’t begin to spell out the whole meaning of the word-there is so much more involved. It’s safe to say that we all have had an aromatherapy […]

Herbs, Holiday Cheer and Healing

By Donna Spencer Whether it’s visions of ham, hot toddies or homemade cookies dancing in your head this holiday season, Clove should be your secret ingredient. After all, cooks have been using clove for at least 4000 years! It’s added to foods and beverages to create that warm, spicy, woody, taste. It’s considered a holiday […]

Thanks – Giving Day

By Donna Spencer ALL MY RELATIONS won’t be at the dinner table this Thanksgiving; partly because many have “gone on”, “crossed over”, “passed away”, or they live far away, or we’ve lost touch over the years. The same may hold true for your relations. Or, perhaps like many people you never had a family that […]

A Flower in Fall

By Donna Spencer It’s October and fall is here.  Anyone who has ever lived, visited or even dreamt about the northern states during this time of year has visions of the falling yellow, orange, brown and burgundy autumn leaves which make the change of season official. This is not so in the Florida Keys. Here […]