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Tasty Keys Detoxing

You’re thinking “There must be some mistake! How can the words tasty and detox possibly be in the same sentence???” Typically the practice of removing toxins from the  body involves consuming bitter liquid concoctions with strange aromas, followed by  contorted facial expressions and a deep regret that you even began the process. At best, it’s […]

In the Good Ole Summertime

There’s something about summer that says relax and let go; lighten up in every way. Summer is synonymous with anything fun, refreshing and easy. Even the food is light and refreshing. Although we live in a tropical climate, some of us get homesick for the occasional bowl of soup or winter “pot”, but that’s not […]

No Stone Unturned

What do the month of June, candied flowers, perfume and pink quartz all have in common? Rose. The official flower for the month of June. Candy roses adorn confectionary treats, rose water is used in perfume, and pink quartz (the stone of love) is also known as rose quartz. Roses come in a variety of […]

Aromatherapy 101 Part 5: From One Mother to Another

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching you’re probably wondering what to do about a  gift for the occasion; wondering what to give the person who gave you the precious gift of life, or simply wondering how you can top last years’ gift. Those of you who are forty-something may also be wondering what to do about […]

AROMATHERAPY 101 – Part 4: Ode to The Snowbird

There are now five parts to this aromatherapy series. If you’re eager for more after it’s completed you are always welcome to visit APOTHECARY, or contact me directly. You might also want to attend the Mother Earth Day aromatherapy workshop at APOTHECARY on Sat, April 18th, 2-4pm. It’s FREE. Just be sure to RSVP at […]