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Hot Fun in the Summertime

When “hot fun in the summertime” turns into “burn, baby, burn” it’s time to break out the sunburn first aid kit. Don’t have a first aid kit strictly for sunburn? No worries! You can compile one with a few ready-made items and a couple of homemade ones. When you’ve put it all together, keep it […]

Wound Warriors

It’s Spring and there’s sure to be a lot of cleaning going on in and around the house. Most of this cleaning will probably take place in the yard or garage, where accidents resulting in wounds can occur. For example, whenever I find myself impaled on a thorn from an angry bougainvillaea bush, or attacked […]

On Your Mark, Get Ready…GO!

Do it NOW. Today is the day to dust off that dream, project, intention or goal that you’ve pushed to the back of your garage or your mind. One of the above that’s been laying dormant for so long that you almost forgot it existed. If you have a few nearly forgotten dreams, bring forth […]

Decisions, Decisions…

Stumped about what to give during this gift-giving season? Wondering about what to give to the man (woman, child, or beast) who has everything? If you’ve run out of ideas simply go back to the basics and think WELLNESS. It never gets old or outdated and you don’t have to worry about the correct size. […]

It’s All About the Energy….Part 2: Reiki, A Healing Energy We All Possess

Humans and animals both radiate warmth and energy. Every being has a life-force running through it. Reiki, which is pronounced “ray- key”, translates from Japanese to English as “universal (rei) life-force energy (ki)”, and it runs through us all. This life-force energy is used both in self-healing and the healing of others. The Japanese are […]

It’s All About the Energy: Part 1 Crystal Clear

Energy consumption is a huge part of our daily lives. Those who believe in “green” methods of energy usage turn to alternative forms of energy, and energy-saving appliances. Those of us who are holistic harness the natural energy which our bodies exude, and use it to practice energy healing. Energy healing simply means making use […]