The Yin and Yang of Girl Power

Sound like an oxymoron?  A contradiction in terms? Consider the Hawaiian volcano and fire goddess Pele.  She is described as Divine Creative Power and “She-Who-Shapes-the-Sacred-Land” in ancient chants, as passionate, volatile, and capricious. Believed to dwell in the craters of the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano, the ribbons of lava she has been sending down the […]

What Do You Love?

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of who you love.  I invite you to also consider ‘what’ you love in the context of three important forms of currency. I call them currency, because they are how you spend your precious life energy. The three are: Work you love Self-care Service Life is too Short To Make […]

Championing Nature and Ultimately Ourselves

I have enjoyed all forms of nature wherever I have lived. Nature is truly the ‘church’ where my spirituality is most strongly impacted. It is a special privilege to live in the Florida Keys, pristinely beautiful and relatively unspoiled. I say relatively because numerous long-time Keys residents have personally witnessed an experience known as “Shifting […]

What Water Has to Teach Us

Nature is one of our greatest teachers, and water is one of the natural elements from which we can learn so much.  Water is the greatest of earth’s elements, covering almost three-quarters of the planet. Did you know that nearly 97% of the world’s water is salty or otherwise polluted and undrinkable? Another 2% is locked […]