How Solid Is Your Personal Foundation?

  7 Areas to Fine Tune and Up-level Your Life Starting Right Now The bigger the building, the stronger the foundation under it – a skyscraper needs a bigger foundation than a cabin.  Great trees have an even bigger root system of support.  Similarly, a solid personal foundation allows you to build a great life […]

Are You Wisely Selfish?

Are you wisely selfish? Sound like an oxymoron? Like: accurate estimate, authentic replica, new classic, random order, minor crisis or a just war? Well, maybe it is a bit of an oxymoron, but here’s what renowned spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, the Dalai Lama, recently said on the subject (in a Facebook post, no less […]

Creating Legacy

Several years ago, I started a program called “Creating Legacy: Making A Personally Meaningful Contribution For The People, Places and Things You Care Most About©.” It was designed to help people explore the myriad ways of making a significant and meaningful contribution in the world, whatever their resources. I have found it difficult to explain […]

Are You a Bag Lady?

Being an Island Jane sometimes means doing things that others think are a little bit kooky (quirky, if they’re being kind).  I have this thing about waste.  It really bothers me to waste anything, preferring the Feng Shui principle of ‘if it’s no longer beautiful or useful’ to get it out of my space and […]

On the Way to the Continent……..

Some call it going to “The Mainland” as in “slow down, this ain’t the ….” We may refer to home as “The Rock,” proclaiming it’s time to “get off the ….” Every now and then, many Island Jane’s feel an urge to temporarily leave the Keys – for “greener pastures,” different scenery or better shopping, […]

What Age Do You Choose?

Do we really have a choice of the age we choose to live? Ever felt like you were born into the wrong era? Maybe you love jazz music and swing dancing from the 1940’s, even though your contemporaries are dancing to rock and roll, or listening to rap.  Maybe you prefer wearing your platform shoes […]