American Shoal Lighthouse

First Lit: 1880 Automated: 1963 Height: 109 feet Characteristics: White flash every 15 seconds; 2 red sectors Coordinates: 24°31′30.422″N 81°31′9.898″W Location: 15 miles east of Key West and 5 miles south of Sugarloaf Key in 4 feet of water The lighthouse is about 5 miles south of Sugarloaf Key. It is best viewed by boat, […]

Alligator Reef Lighthouse

The USS Alligator. 86’ of Navy muscle. 12 guns. Deployed by the U.S. Navy to travel the world and right the world’s wrongs. Her missions included two voyages to the west coast of Africa to intercept ships illegally importing slaves to the US and another to the West Indies to suppress piracy. One story tells […]

We All See the Same Sunset….

On Facebook we post a lot of sunsets. It seems like most people really love a good sunset. No matter how many times we’ve seen them, we’re still in awe at the beauty. Both sunrises and sunsets are like promises. We get one every morning and every night whether it’s been a good day or […]

Fowey Rocks Lighthouse (the “Eye of Miami”)

The Fowey Rocks Lighthouse is the northernmost offshore lighthouse built in the 19th century to mark the shallow reef line of the Florida Keys. It was built in 1878 and named after the HMS Fowey, a Royal Navy frigate that was crushed on the reef in 1748. Fowey Rocks located in present day Biscayne National […]