A Conch Holiday

You can tell the holidays are near when the weather reaches a comfortable temperature in the mid to low 80s and the scorching hot summer months have cooled until next year! The snowbirds are making their way back down and the streets are filling with the tourists that are escaping the cold–their last bit of […]

Stone Crab Cakes

Every year I count down the days until October 15th, the opening day of stone crab season. Stone crab is definitely one of my favorites of all seafood. Key West and the Florida Keys, and the west coast of Florida are some of the biggest producers of stone crab. Stone crab range from Connecticut to […]

Chilao: Enchilado de Langousta

Spiny tail lobster, Florida lobster, rock lobster, bugs, or as the Conchs say Crawfish – these are all names for our delicious little friend! Not really comparable to their northern cousin the Maine lobster. To me they are both very different and unique in their own ways. I can remember absolutely loving lobster since a […]


Lionfish is an invasive species here in the Florida Keys, just like iguanas, and the curly tail lizard of the Bahamas. The lionfish is really delicious though, some say iguanas are too but the only time I tried it, I couldn’t get past the funky toe dripping in buffalo sauce! No bueno! As a chef […]

Cooking Your Catch

Grouper is one of the main types of fish that inhabit our waters here in Key West and the Florida Keys. With varieties that give us a broad range of size and in almost any environment we have to offer – from the tropical smaller leopard grouper living on our beautiful reef to the immensely […]