Bahamian Fish Creole Sauce

INGREDIENTS: 2 cloves of garlic rough chopped 5 springs of thyme fresh picked 1 medium sized yellow onion large diced 1/2 red peper medium diced 1/2 yellow pepper medium diced 1/2 green pepper medium diced 3 large ripe tomato large diced 1/2 Scotch bonnet pepper chopped (use sparingly if you do not like spicy) Salt […]

Florida Keys Stone Crabs

For most locals in Key West the holiday season starts with Goombay, the first of the festivities for Fantasy Fest. For me it starts with my favorite holiday of all, October 15th – opening day for stone crab season! Every Friday after October 15th a good friend and chef, Justin, gives me the call, “I […]

Fried Key West Pink Shrimp with Caribbean Fry Sauce

Our native Key West Pink Shrimp are my favorite seafood of our surrounding waters! Key West was a major shrimping community, and our historic seaport was the home of hundreds of shrimp boats that filled the marina, Now multimillion dollar yachts, charter fishermen, and sunset sailing charters reside there, but in Sock Island at Safe […]

Grilled Jerk Tuna Lettuce Wraps

The calm seas of the Key West summer means lots of off shore fishing and the tuna have been running through our waters.  If you’re lucky enough to experience being in the middle of a school of tuna it’s like nothing you have ever seen. It’s like popcorn popping on the surface of the water. […]

Hogfish Key Lime Piccata

Whether going out to the islands with friends and family to enjoy a few cold ones and some fresh conch with key lime; freediving on the patch reefs and wrecks; or going for a wassa (grouper) under the roots in the mangrove islands being out on the water has always been a passion of mine. […]

GRILLING: A Healthy Start to a New Year

The festivities have come to an end and it’s time to get healthy! Key West has great winters with perfect weather for grilling. It’s a way to get amazing flavor while cutting out the fat intake. Some of my favorite grilling items are kabobs! Lots of fresh veggies, some pink shrimp and grill worthy fresh […]