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‘Tis the Season

Ahh, gift giving to women who boat. This can be tricky. These women usually don’t need a darn thing – and if asked, would probably say they would just love the gift of time (for themselves and from the gift giver). If you feel you must give the female boater in your life something other […]

Want Your Child to Love Boating? What NOT To Do!

I was certain my newborn daughter would love the water, by the very fact she was related to me! And so, the instant she tumbled into this world, I plunged full steam ahead introducing her to the world of boating. Oh dear reader, let me help you avoid the mistakes I made. Find below, the […]

Where Does Stewardship Begin?

Six giggling shrieking 6-year olds were twirling, tumbling and jumping up and down as they prepared to get on board. They were decked out for a week of She’s at Sea Boating Camp for Girls in attire worthy of any high fashion magazine: glittery sunglasses, prancing unicorn rash guards, polka-dot sun visors, and fuchsia flipflops. […]

Anchor Up – For a Summer of Fun

Trust me when I tell you that anchoring (assuming you aren’t piloting the Queen Mary in hurricane force winds) is no big deal. But, you have to be able to anchor competently, or this “summer fun” you are planning–is just not going to happen. The day at the sandbar, snorkeling at the reef, and sorting […]

Don’t Know the Knot? Tie a Lot!

This has got to be the worst boating advice ever. The theory is that if you don’t know how to tie a real knot, just tie a lot of something: up, over, double back, underneath, cinch it down – whatever you got, put it into the knot. . . . then hope your boat is […]