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Wasn’t This Supposed to be a Spa Getaway???

Do This NOW! Call your closest girlfriends and invite them for a non-spa weekend to celebrate getting through Irma alive, surviving the holidays, getting the kids back in school, setting new goals (or not) for 2018, and for simply being friends. Every December, when the pace of life seems to peak in a ‘jingling-all-the-way’ kind […]

Ladies-Summer Awaits!

DO ANY OF THESE STATEMENTS SOUND FAMILIAR?  • “Are you kidding? I can’t pull up this anchor – it is way too heavy.” • “I will never be able to back this trailer down the ramp and get the boat on it.” • “I can’t dock this boat to save my soul.” • “You drive, […]

Don’t know Rhymes with

The captain had no idea where he was going. In the seconds before we plowed onto the flat, my husband calmly reached forward and said, “You want to head a little to starboard here to miss this flat.” The captain did head a little to starboard, missed the flat, and then came off a plane […]

Anchor Up!

Anchoring can be a murky task.  At times, the variables of wind, waves, weather, and anchor scope can get tangled to make good anchoring daunting. And yet, if you don’t have a strong handle on how to anchor correctly, you can find yourself in trouble–the anchor pulls and you fall off your fishing spot (trouble!); […]

Boat Hack 101- No Reverse

We’ve all witnessed it. The guy at the helm roars up to the dock, has a flash of, “Holy crap! I am going to ram this thing!”, and a moment of panic immediately follows. He throws the boat into reverse to avoid smashing the gleaming gel coat and the boat fishtails backwards. The captain turns […]