Island Decorating

Island Decorating

When Michael and Marcia Kane were considering buying a second home in the Keys, a local friend wanted to forewarn them…. “You know, there isn’t much for big store shopping on the island”.  Michael and Marcia could only laugh.  If you want to know what no shopping is like, try Nantucket.  According to Marcia “you […]

A Key West Conch Home for “Jumpy Fish” Lisa

“Be cool” is what the real estate agent said to Lisa Benfield, aka “Jumpy Fish”.  As if one with the nick name Jumpy fish could merely, “be cool” amidst a very exciting and momentous event!  Lisa’s nickname, which their boat now shares as well, was bestowed upon her because every time a fish was hooked […]

The Old Pirate House

“And so, thanks to the gift bestowed by a pirate, there exists this beautiful restored mansion…” It is difficult to know for sure what is fact or folklore, but one thing is certainly true… The Old Pirate House on Elizabeth Street in Key West not only is a beautiful historic mansion, it also has a […]

From Duplex to Dream Home…part three

This is the third piece in a series showcasing the custom renovation home of Tony and Cyndi Chatman. Located on Georgia Street in the Meadows neighborhood of Old Town Key West, the home called out to the Chatman’s immediately when considering a move from their current dream house in the state of Georgia. Tony and […]

From Duplex to Dream Home…part two

“…breathtaking beauty without compromising form and function.” Last month began a three part series featuring the complete renovation of a duplex to a beautiful single family home designed by Tony and Cyndi Chatman.  This lovely Key West home is located in The Meadows area of Old Town on Georgia Street.  This is no coincidence to […]

From Duplex to Dream Home…part one

All homes have a story, as is the case with the home of Tony and Cyndi Chatman.  Within their home there are so many stories that unfold with each exquisite detail of their custom renovation. For many years, Tony and Cyndi had been coming to Key West for vacations which never seemed quite long enough.  […]