Island Decorating

Worth The Wait

Don’t you love it when it seems the universe conspires and just lines everything up perfectly and suddenly your path becomes totally clear?  This is how it was for Greg and Kristen Wheeler when they decided to make the move to Key West in 2004.  They had been vacationing here for years and were both […]

Secret Paradise

We all have secrets.  Maybe not big secrets, but things that we prefer to keep to ourselves or just between our closest friends and family.  This is how Mr. and Mrs. W feel about their piece of paradise hidden away in the lower Keys.  After convincing them that it would not be necessary to blindfold […]

Remodeling a Key West Condo

When Carol and Kevin Elliott stepped off the cruise ship they certainly never thought they would actually own a home in this tropical paradise.  For years after their first trip to Key West, the Elliott’s dreamed about making a place here.  They had fallen in love with the island and they were immediately attracted to […]

Key West Golf Club Community

When I asked Richard and Lorna Mattern what originally brought them to the Keys they both lit up.  The Matterns have years of fond memories from their travels to Key West over the course of the last fifteen plus years.  Both Richard and Lorna are retired from their prior full time careers, but not from […]

Wayne Brady and Bright Colors

How many people do you know that can say “Wayne Brady and bright colors changed my life”?  Well, that is what Mike Moschel (better known as Mikey Mo) told me.  And so goes the story that changed his life here in Key West: In 2007 Mike and his wife Jane were in Las Vegas for […]

Outsider Art

Have you heard about the elusive Mystery Blob Graffiti artist?  If not, take a look around on almost any street in Old Town Key West.   It is so much fun to find the cute little blob peeking around alleys, hiding on a curb and poking out from tucked away nooks and crannies.   Michael Blades and […]