Island Decorating

Living in and Decorating Small Spaces

Nassau Lane is one of those sweet, sweet little lanes that is so tucked away that if you blinked while passing the entrance you would certainly miss it.  It is a little quaint side road right off of Fleming Street in the Old Town section of Key West.  The charming short dead end street has […]

Combining Households

With Valentine’s Day arriving this month, not to mention the recent celebration of my fifth wedding anniversary, I find myself a bit reflective about my big move to Key West from Minneapolis 6 years ago this month.  I had lived alone in what, according to Key West standards, would be considered a palatial four-bedroom house.  […]

Conch Houses

Whether you live here or are just visiting Key West, I believe you would agree that the architecture and homes of Key West are a huge part of the draw to this charming tropical island.  The City prides itself on maintaining the character and historical integrity of these lovely homes.  Everywhere you turn you will […]

Florida Keys Artist Alicia Earle

It can be a challenge at times, when you are living on an island three hours from the mainland, to get access to all the “things” you may want to buy, especially if you are furnishing and decorating a new home.  What we sacrifice with box store amenities we make up for with our vast […]

Why The Blue Paint?

Key West porches – are they simply charming or can some actually provide protection from evil spirits?  Well, many will tell you that they may be both.  You may have already noticed that so many of the enchanting homes in Key West have porch ceilings painted light blue.  If you ask some homeowners “why the […]