Ask Amber & Michelle

Tips on Island Fashion


Amber and I thought and thought and thought about this month’s topic- but when she said “sunglasses,” I thought BRILLIANT! To us Keysians, sunglasses are so often taken for granted due to their necessity (like flip flops), we often forget to realize they are making a huge statement about who we are. Which brings us […]


Amber is out of town watching her Buckeyes win a National Championship title (or something to that effect) so I have the whole column to myself. And I have been busy!! Sit back, pour yourself a cocktail, and let me tell you about my new favorite thing; Sargasso. Are you comfortable? Good. You need to […]

Holiday Fashion

Dressing for a holiday party in the Keys is a challenge to say the least. After all, the entire market of holiday attire is geared towards people who live in a cold climate. Throughout the years, I have created my own “Dressing for Holiday Parties in the Keys Rule Book.”  If it is not evident […]

The Styles of Amber & Michelle

This month, Amber and Michelle tackle defining each other’s style, the catch: neither one is allowed to edit out what the other may say…good or bad…let the games begin!!!   Amber’s Style In my opinion, Amber is the epitome of feminine. Bows, rickrack, detailing, and classic embellishments (read: no bedazzling) are her signature….and everything, down […]