Angel of Venom

Watch Dr. Angel Yanagihara’s TED Talk above and learn about her first hand encounter with box jellyfish that sparked her passion for researching these creatures and what she intends to do to protect humans from their venomous sting.

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Angel of Venom – Videos about Dr. Angel Yanagahira

Science Before Dawn from UHMed on Vimeo.

Amanda Shell followed Dr. Angel Yanagihara into the pitch-black waters off Waikiki at three in the morning, and her effort paid off. She has been named one of 12 semi-finalists in the Second LabTV Tribeca National Video Awards Contest, winning a $500 cash award.

Shell chose to profile Dr. Angel Yanagihara, whose expertise in box jellyfish has become famous through several network television documentaries, and whose work already has created one product, a “sting stopper” ointment to combat the painful stings from box jellies. In 2013, while serving on an escort boat, Dr. Yanagihara used her “sting stopper” to help 64 year-old swimmer Diana Nyad make history. Nyad was able to swim solo across the channel from Cuba to Florida, partly due to Yanagihara’s help. The gel allowed Nyad to escape much of the pain which had crippled her previous effort to cross the channel. Like Hawai‘i, that part of the ocean is filled with stinging box jellies. Yanagihara’s science also helps warn Hawai`i swimmers every month of impending jelly “invasions”.


Watch Angel explain her part in keeping Diana Nyad safe from box jellyfish stings during her swim from Cuba to Key West. The whole video is great, but if your time is short, start at 10:10:

NOVA Documentary, Venom: Nature’s Killer See Angel at 23:15

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